Current Proposed MSDPs

The plans on this page are in development by Planning and Development Services, and are currently undergoing public consultation or may be awaiting Council approval. These plans are not final. All final plans that affect the County are listed on the Planning Documents page.

Once a MSDP receives final approval, it is removed from this page and listed on the Master Site Development Plans page.

All files are in PDF format.

We encourage you to get involved in the planning process by reading up on the plans affecting your area and sending us your input.


A Master Site Development Plan (MSDP) is a detailed document that sets guidelines for long-term development of a site over a specified period of time. They typically refer to large sections of land that are proposed to facilitate limited subdivision with development occurring primarily through the development permit process.

Some of the information provided by Master Site Development Plans includes:

  • a description of the proposed project and phasing
  • site plans with details of all development on the project site
  • building elevations and placement
  • details such as landscaping, lighting, parking and architectural treatments


Planning Policy

County Plans Overview

Check out the County Plans Overview (PDF) for a quick look at the different types of planning documents used in the County and how they interact.