Starting a Business

Starting a business in Rocky View County? The following resources are available:

  • Alberta Government ALIS self-employment section offers information and self-assessments on becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Alberta Women Entrepreneurs offers business advising and skills development, financing, and networking opportunities.
  • Business Link is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs. Ask their business officers questions, visit their award winning library, pick up brochures from their information displays, take part in their brown bag information sessions, guest advisor program, and business seminars.
  • Community Futures Centre West and Community Futures Wild Rose offer a wide range of small business services, programs, and business management tools for people wanting to start, expand, franchise or sell a business.
  • Futurpreneur Canada offers mentoring, financing, and business resources for entrepreneurs ages 18-39.

Business Plans & Market Research

A business plan is a detailed document outlining a business idea. It will assist you in obtaining financing, establishing a plan of action, foreseeing obstacles and challenges, and in developing strategies to achieve desired business goals.

Need assistance? Try these resources:

Business Financing

Permits, Licences, Registration

  • A business licence is not a requirement in Rocky View County; however, all businesses must obtain a development permit when:
    • Establishing a business in a vacant commercial space
    • Changing the use of business space
    • Developing a new commercial building
  • A business will require a building permit for interior or exterior construction. Building permits may also be required for changing the use of a space; for example, starting a business in a home or changing the use of a current space.
  • BizPaL is a helpful tool in determining the types of permits and licensing a business will need. This online tool asks a number of questions about new or expanding businesses and provides a list of permits, licences and agencies to contact.
  • A number of local private sector businesses and registry services will conduct name searches and register businesses. Some businesses such as prepaid contractors, direct sellers, gas stations, and employment agencies require provincial licenses. Details on how to incorporate and then register your business in Rocky View County can be found here: Incorporate an Alberta corporation


  • Rocky View County does not have a business tax.  Businesses who own their property are required to pay property taxes.
  • An Employer’s Business Number (BN) is required for Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan and income tax deductions. Most businesses carrying on commercial activities in Canada must obtain a GST registration number and collect GST. Register online for a Business Number (BN) at:
    Canada Revenue Agency

See For Yourself

The Rocky View Advantage

Watch The Rocky View Advantage—a short video showcasing the world-class opportunities for business and industrial development in Rocky View County.