Rocky View County's official population is determined by the 2016 Federal Census.

The County conducted its own census in 2018 to determine the population of electoral divisions and hamlets throughout the municipality.  The population counts from this municipal census are used to help with program and service planning and forecasting.

All census information is collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Census information is only released at the aggregate level.

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Rocky View County Population (2016)

Census Total
2016 Federal Census 39,407

Detailed Table: 2000 to 2016 Population Total (PDF)

Rocky View County Population by Division (2018)

Division Total
1: Southwest Rocky View County; Bragg Creek 2,525
2: Springbank 3,479
3: Elbow Valley; Springbank 5,957
4: Southeast Rocky View County; Langdon; Indus 7,010
5: East Rocky View County; Conrich; Dalroy 5,051
6: Northeast Rocky View County; Kathryn; Keoma 2,768
7: North Rocky View County; Balzac; Madden 3,462
8: Bearspaw 5,576
9: Northwest Rocky View County; Cochrane Lake 4,877

Detailed Table: 2013 to 2018 Population by Division (PDF)

Rocky View County Population by Hamlet (2018)

Hamlet Total
Bragg Creek 459
Cochrane Lake 769
Conrich 21
Dalemead 29
Dalroy 46
Harmony 249
Indus 32
Kathyrn 13
Keoma 89
Langdon 5,364
Madden 26

Detailed Table: 2013 to 2018 Population by Hamlet (PDF)

Further Information

Requests for census customized data and/or data processing is available. Charges for customized data are $50 per hour with a quarter-hour minimum charge. Contact GISSolutions@rockyview.ca or 403.230.1401 for details.


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