Record Requests

FOIP – Access to Information Request

As a public body, Rocky View County is subject to Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. Under this Act, Rocky View County endeavours to balance the public’s right to access information and an individual’s right to privacy.

How to Make a FOIP Request

Requests for copies of County records must be made in writing to the FOIP Coordinator using the Access to Information Application Form (PDF). Completed forms can be submitted in one of the following methods:


Mail or in-person:
Rocky View County
262075 Rocky View Point
Rocky View County, AB  T4A 0X2
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How to Complete the FOIP Access Form

General Request or Personal Request

If you decide to make a FOIP request, you will have to specify whether you are seeking "general information" or "personal information."

A request for personal information is a request for your own personal information or for the personal information of an individual you are entitled to represent. "Personal information" is defined in the FOIP Act as "recorded information about an identifiable individual."

A request for general information is a request for any other kind of information, including the personal information of a third party.

Authorization of Representative & Affidavit of Witness Form

If you have been authorized to act on behalf of another individual to access their personal information, Rocky View County requires that the provincial Authorization of Representative & Affidavit of Witness Form (PDF) be completed and sent to our office before the request is processed.


  • There is an initial fee of $25 for all general information requests, payable when you submit the Access to Information Application Form. Additional fees may be charged for processing costs that exceed $150.
  • There is no fee for a request for personal information unless the cost exceeds $10.
  • If you request records in a form other than electronic, additional fees for printing or producing the record may be incurred.

Payment Options

  • By cheque or money order made payable to Rocky View County and mailed to:
    262075 Rocky View Point
    Rocky View County, AB  T4A 0X2
  • By credit card, phone 403-230-1401 to provide your card information.
  • By cash, debit/credit card, cheque, or money order paid in-person at County Hall.

When to Expect a Response

Under the FOIP Act, Rocky View County is required to response to your request within 30 calendar days. The 30-day deadline may be extended if, for example, large volumes of records are involved or if third parties need to be consulted.

Request a Review

If you make a FOIP request and disagree with the response you received from the County, you may contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta (OIPC) to review the decision(s) related to your request. This request must be submitted to OIPC within 60 days of a decision being made by the County.


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262075 Rocky View Point
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