Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer Kent Robinson (Acting)

Executive Directors

Community & Business Connections Vacant
Community Development Services Brock Beach (Acting)
Corporate Services Kent Robinson
Operations Byron Riemann


Emergency Management & Fire Chief Randy Smith
Human Resources Clayton Whitney
Legislative Services Amy Zaluski


Agriculture & Environment Kristyn Lines
Assessment Services Dennis Forrester
Building Services Jeff Kalyn (Acting)
Capital Project Management Angela Yurkowski
Corporate Business Development Cole Nelson
Corporate and Strategic Planning Cheryl Schultz
Customer Care & Support Rachel Loat (Supervisor)
Economic Development David Kalinchuk
Enforcement Services Lorraine Wesley
Financial Services Barry Woods
Information Technology Yusuf Bernier
Legal Services Chelsey Morrice
Marketing & Communications Candace Denison
Operational Services Jeff Fleischer
Planning Dominic Kazmierczak
Recreation, Parks & Community Support Dari Lang
Transportation Services Steve Hulsman
Utility Services Steve Seroya


Rocky View County
T: 403.230.1401
F: 403.277.5977

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Corporate Business Plan

Our Corporate Business Plan, Building Today for a Stronger Tomorrow, identifies the efforts that we will make as an organization over the next three years to create a foundation to advance the Vision and Mission.

Annual Reports