Chief Administrative Officer

Interim Chief Administrative Officer Rick McDonald

Executive Directors

Community Services Matt Boscariol
Corporate Services Kent Robinson
Operations Byron Riemann


Emergency Management & Fire Chief Ken Hubbard
Intergovernmental Services & Regional Planning Amy Zaluski
Legislative Services Gina van den Burg
People & Culture Clayton Whitney
Strategy & Performance Leslie MacRae


Agricultural & Environmental Services Kristyn Lines
Assessment Services Dennis Forrester
Asset Management Steve Hulsman
Building Services Brock Beach
Capital & Engineering Services Jeannette Lee
Communications & Engagement Candace Denison
Customer Care & Support Rachel Loat
Economic Development Aaron Latimer
Enforcement Services Lorraine Wesley
Financial Services Issy Agbonkhese
Information Technology Yusuf Bernier
Legal Services Chelsey Morrice
Operational Services Jeff Fleischer
Planning Dominic Kazmierczak
Recreation, Parks & Community Support Dari Lang
Transportation Services Gord Rowland (Acting)
Utility Services Mason Austen (Acting)


Rocky View County
T: 403.230.1401
F: 403.277.5977

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Corporate Business Plan

Our Corporate Business Plan, Building Today for a Stronger Tomorrow, identifies the efforts that we will make as an organization over the next three years to create a foundation to advance the Vision and Mission.