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On July 23, 2021, the North and South Springbank Area Structure Plans were presented to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) for consideration. Both Plans were rejected by the Board, despite a CMRB Administration recommendation of approval and a third-party review which found them compliant with the Interim Growth Plan. Meeting minutes and video of the proceedings are available on the CMRB Board & Committee webpage.

Administration is working to prepare options for Council’s consideration on next steps for both Plans and will present these at a future Council meeting.

Project Timeline

The plan will be prepared in the following phases:

  • Phase 1 (Complete)
    November – December 2016
    Some technical work and early engagement with the community was undertaken in this Phase.
  • Phase 2 (Complete)
    January – June 2017
    This phase marked the official public launch of the project and included engagement on setting the community vision, objectives, and high-level land use strategy. A revised Terms of Reference was adopted by Council on May 23, 2017.
  • Phase 3 (Complete)
    June 2017 – June 2018
    The draft vision, objectives, and potential land use scenarios will be completed in this phase and presented to stakeholders for comment. The land use scenarios will be supported by preliminary technical assessments on transportation and servicing.
  • Phase 4 (Complete)
    July 2018 – October 2018
    In this phase, the draft vision, objectives, and land use scenarios were used in discussions with the Growth Management Board and to negotiate the inclusion of identified growth areas within the interim growth plan.
  • Phase 5 (Current)
    October 2018 – Winter 2021
    Following adoption of the Interim Growth Plan by the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board on October 4, 2018, the County is proceeding with drafting the new Springbank Area Structure Plan in alignment with that Growth Plan, with presentation of the final draft plans to Council by 2021.

Previous Items

At a Special Meeting of Council on February 16, 2021, Council held a Public Hearing to consider the proposed Springbank Area Structure Plans. Following the hearing and Council’s amendments to the plan, Second Reading of the Springbank Area Structure Plan Bylaws was passed and Administration was directed to submit the Plans to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB).

Milestones in the project include:

  • First reading of the bylaws on July 28, 2020
  • Public Hearings on February 16, 2021 [continued on February 22 and March 1]
  • Second reading of the bylaws and direction to submit the plans to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board March 1, 2021
  • On May 28, 2021, CMRB Administration recommended approval of both ASPs after a third-party review deemed them consistent with the Interim Growth Plan.
  • On June 25, 2021, CMRB Administration posted challenges to the recommendations of approval by the City of Airdrie, City of Calgary, Town of Cochrane, and Town of Okotoks.
  • The Plans were defeated at the July 23, 2021 Calgary Metropolitan Region Board meeting.

Recordings and reports relating to these meetings are available on the Council agenda webpages.

Amendments to each Area Structure Plan are available below:

Please note, changes from first reading are shown in red and motions of Council are shown in blue (deleted text is shown by strikethroughs).

Final Plans to be submitted to the CMRB are listed below:

Winter 2020 (Phase 5)

The technical assessments that support implementation of the Area Structure Plans are complete and include:

Spring 2020 Draft (Phase 5)

May 2019 Pre-Release Draft (Phase 4):

June 2018 Open House (Phase 3):

June 2017 Coffee Chats (Phase 2):

February 2017 Open House (Phase 1):


It has been over 15 years since Springbank’s Area Structure Plans were adopted. In that time, Springbank and neighbouring areas have continued to grow, and conditions have changed.

Currently, Springbank contains three Area Structure Plans:

  • The Moddle ASP [PDF] (adopted in 1998): addresses development a quarter section surrounded by the Central Springbank ASP, located adjacent to and north of Lower Springbank Road, and east of Range Road 31.
  • The North Springbank ASP [PDF] (adopted in 1999): covers 4,350 acres. The plan boundaries extend as far as Range Road 32 to the east, Range Road 35 to the west, Township Road 251 A to the north, and Township Road 245 to the south.
  • The Central Springbank ASP [PDF] (adopted in 2001): boundaries extend to the Bow River in the north, the Elbow River to the south, Calgary to the east and one mile west of Range Road 33. The TransCanada Highway bisects the plan area and Highway 8 touches its southeastern corner.

View a map of the Study Area (PDF)

The Springbank Area Structure Plan process will result in an up-to-date plan(s) that respects the values of the community; accounts for current conditions; and aligns with related plans, policies, and studies that have been adopted since the original Springbank plans were completed.

During the process, we will look at some important issues, such as community identity, conservation, land use, housing options, economic development, local services, amenities and infrastructure. We will also look at whether or not to combine the three current Springbank Area Structure Plans into one. For more information on the Springbank ASP process, please watch this short video.

Related Information

A new Springbank Area Structure Plan will ensure we have an up-to-date plan that aligns with other plans, policies, and studies that have been adopted since the original Springbank plans were completed. Please visit the links below to review these related plans, policies, and studies:

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