Map of Rocky View County showing where Bragg Creek is located

Community & Recreation Centres

Bragg Creek has community recreation available such as tennis and hockey, and community activities at the local community recreation centre.

Councillor & Electoral Division

The County has seven electoral divisions, and a councillor represents each division.

Fire Stations

Bragg Creek is serviced by Elbow Valley Fire Station 101 which is a full-time station providing fire coverage for the southwest area of the County.

The County also has an inter-municipal fire services agreement with the neighbouring community of Redwood Meadows.

Garbage & Recycling

If you don't want to take your garbage to a transfer site or chuckwagon, you can contact a private waste collection company for garbage pickup.


The Hamlet of Bragg Creek became established because of the beauty of the location. Ranching was the prime industry until the 1920s when many hunting lodges and cabins were built for recreation purposes. It has been a popular area for hikers and campers for decades. The first school was built in 1917 and the first store in 1921.It was the location of the first hostel in North America in 1933 and is credited as pioneering the North American youth hostelling movement.

Cars and improved road conditions made it possible for developers to create the communities of Elk Valley Estates, Elkana Estates, and the Saddle and Sirloin Ranch.

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Bragg Creek has attracted tourists and residents with the rare opportunity to experience modern conveniences in a rustic setting. Art galleries, unique shops and excellent restaurants have established in Bragg Creek, and many artisans and crafts people have located to the area.


Call 911 for medical emergencies. Rocky View County is serviced by ground ambulances operated by Alberta Health Services.

The nearest acute care hospitals with emergency services are:



Parks & Outdoor Recreation

  • Bragg Creek borders Elbow Valley and Kananaskis. The area has numerous scenic areas and trails for outdoor hikes, cycling, fishing and more.
  • Bragg Creek Provincial Park is next to the Elbow river located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Amenities include a large open picnic area and activities such hiking and fishing.
  • Elbow Falls is just 22 km. west of Bragg Creek off HWY 66. The area has pathways and a picnic area with fire pits and tables.

RCMP & County Peace Officers

Call 911 for all emergencies.


Responsible for keeping the peace, preventing crimes and investigating crimes already committed.

  • RCMP Cochrane Detachment
    Complaints: 403.932.2211
    Administrative: 403.851.8000

Rocky View County Enforcement and Compliance

Responsible for public safety, promoting traffic safety, protecting County roads and infrastructure and enforcing County bylaws.




The majority of Bragg Creek is serviced through water co-ops. To find out which co-op services your area, contact the County at 403.230.1401 or

See also: Guidelines for Connections to Bragg Creek Water & Sanitary Systems (PDF)


Wastewater servicing is through private septic systems or pump-out systems.

See also: Guidelines for Connections to Bragg Creek Water & Sanitary Systems (PDF)

Electricity & Natural Gas

Electricity and natural gas are deregulated in Alberta. The Alberta Government has a website to assist customers with choosing a provider for a residence or business. Contact your distributor in the event of a natural gas emergency.

Please contact FortisAlberta for electrical emergencies, power and streetlight outages at 403.310.9473 or at the FortisAlberta website.


Rocky View County
T: 403.230.1401
F: 403.277.5977

Call 911 for emergency assistance such as fire, ambulance and police service.

County Hall
262075 Rocky View Point
Rocky View County, AB, T4A 0X2
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