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The County is looking to fill multiple positions on the Aggregate Resource Plan Stakeholder Advisory Committee. 

Further details on the Committee and its responsibilities are included under the Stakeholder Advisory Committee section below. 

1. Committee Chair 

The County is seeking nominations for the position of Chair on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. The Chair is expected to work on a range of project tasks on a retainer basis with set rates, as outlined in the Request for Proposals (RFP). 

Qualified prospective proponents are encouraged to submit proposals for the Stakeholder Advisory Committee Chair. Proposals must be received prior to the deadline of May 31, 2023 at 2 p.m., following the submission guidelines as set out within the RFP. 

Please view the RFP on the APC Website and submit your proposal to

2. Committee Member 

The County is accepting applications from candidates interested in volunteering as a member of the Aggregate Resource Plan Stakeholder Advisory Committee. 

To be considered for Committee membership, please submit the following documents to prior to the deadline of June 16, 2023 at 2 p.m. 

  1. Completed application form 
  2. Cover letter 
  3. Resume 

For more information regarding the Stakeholder Advisory Committee please email


What is an Aggregate Resource Plan?

It is proposed that the Aggregate Resource Plan (ARP) will be a policy document designed to guide aggregate extraction activities within Rocky View County. The plan is proposed to include location criteria for aggregate extraction sites, appropriate setbacks between aggregate extraction uses and other land uses, and performance measures to manage site design and minimize the impacts of aggregate extraction. 

Why is Rocky View County creating an Aggregate Resource Plan? 

The County’s principal planning document, the Municipal Development Plan (County Plan), sets out actions to develop an aggregate extraction policy and management plan. 

The Plan is intended to ensure that aggregate development is located and developed in an orderly manner that promotes sustainability, and minimizes impacts upon residents, adjacent land uses, and the environment. 

The ARP project will result in a plan that is sensitive to stakeholder concerns and requirements and is responsive to the diverse development conditions that exist throughout the County. 

How will Rocky View County engage stakeholders? 

One of the project’s core principles is the establishment of a Stakeholder Advisory Committee chaired by an independent third party. The goal of the committee is to provide interest-based recommendations and areas of consensus between stakeholders on identifying appropriate aggregate policies and standards. 

In addition to the Chair, the Committee will be composed of six members representing various stakeholder groups. A full breakdown of the Committee’s purpose and structure is included below.

Previous Items 

In 2015, Council set out a Terms of Reference for County Administration to develop an ARP. This project resulted in a draft ARP document; however, the document was never adopted by Council as it did not sufficiently reconcile the interests of key stakeholders across the County. The project was ultimately cancelled in April 2019. 

On April 11, 2023, Council set out a new Terms of Reference, establishing a project to develop a new ARP with a particular focus on improving stakeholder input. 

Meeting minutes and video of the proceedings are available on the Meetings & Hearings webpage

Project Overview 

The Aggregate Resource Plan project will be completed across three phases, of which we are currently in Phase 1. Please see the project schedule below. 

Phase 1 will see the establishment of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, with Phases 2 and 3 delivering further public engagement, the final Aggregate Resource Plan, and amendments to existing plans and bylaws that will facilitate the implementation of the Aggregate Resource Plan policies. 

Stakeholder Advisory Committee 

Purpose of the Committee 

The purpose of the Committee is to provide recommendations on the creation of an Aggregate Resource Plan to Council. Council has not delegated any decision-making ability upon the Committee; however, the Committee shall attempt to: 

  1. Agree upon principles and approaches to guide the Aggregate Resource Plan, which reconcile the interests of residents, landowners, aggregate operators, environmental stakeholders, and the County. 
    • In the event that the Committee cannot achieve agreement, the Committee shall consider areas of particular importance that need to be addressed 
  2. Identify gaps in the previous Aggregate Resource Plan draft or the current Aggregate Resource Plan Terms of Reference, that should be addressed in any new document. 
  3. Suggest areas of improvement that are required to the previous Aggregate Resource Plan draft. 
  4. Propose desired public and stakeholder engagement methods for the Aggregate Resource Plan project (e.g., frequency, type, location, and timing of engagement). 

The Committee’s purpose is not to undertake any detailed technical review of the previous Aggregate Resource Plan or to provide technical advice or studies to Council. In this respect, the Chair shall ensure that the Committee is within scope and meeting its wider purpose as set out above. 

Committee Membership 

  1. The Committee consists of the following members: 
    1. One independent third party who serves as Chair 
    2. Six members with the following backgrounds: 
      1. Two County residents from an agricultural background who live outside an area structure plan or conceptual scheme area 
      2. Two County residents from a country residential community or hamlet 
      3. Two aggregate industry representatives, reflecting the range of business interests found within the County according to business location, size, and type 
  2. Members are appointed by Council 
  3. Members are subject to the Board and Committee Code of Conduct Bylaw 

Time Commitment and Compensation 

Members serve on a volunteer basis and are reimbursed for incidental expenses. A member will be expected to attend at least one in-person meeting per month. The times and dates of meetings will be set by the Chair at a later date. The Committee’s mandate is for up to one year from the Committee’s first meeting. 


Stay Informed 

There are several ways to stay informed about this project. 

Contact Planning Policy at or 403-230-1401 for questions, updates, or further information. 

Fill in the form below to receive project updates and learn about opportunities to participate. 

Follow the project on this webpage. We will post updates and upcoming events. 



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County Plans Overview

Check out the County Plans Overview (PDF) for a quick look at the different types of planning documents used in the County and how they interact.