Current Proposed Intermunicipal Development Plans

Plans on this page are in development by Planning and Development Services, and may be undergoing public consultation or awaiting Council approval. These plans are not final. All final plans that affect the County are listed on the Planning Documents page.

Once an IDP receives final approval, it is removed from this page and listed on the Intermunicipal Development Plans page.

Currently there are no Intermunicipal Development Plans being reviewed or updated.


Intermunicipal Development Plans are approved by Council in both municipalities. Planners refer to these documents to make recommendations to Council for managing or changing land use, and to address growth issues in a way that respects the interests of the County and the municipalities they share a border with.

These plans may include:

  • how the two municipalities will work together
  • development of joint lands
  • how to co-ordinate parks, open space, recreation, transportation, water, services, and utilities across boundaries


Planning Policy

County Plans Overview

Check out the County Plans Overview (PDF) for a quick look at the different types of planning documents used in the County and how they interact.