Council Code of Conduct

On September 5, 2023, Council approved the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw. This Bylaw includes Rocky View County’s first ever Complaints Adjudicator, a position that will help ensure ethical and responsible conduct among Council members. 

The approval of the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw demonstrates Council’s dedication to promoting transparency and accountability in its operations. By establishing an impartial body to investigate complaints related to the conduct and ethics of Council members, and by offering advisory services to assist them in maintaining the high standards expected of Council. The Council Code of Conduct Bylaw represents a proactive step towards fostering a culture of integrity and professionalism within our local government. 

County residents expect Council members to meet the highest standards of conduct when fulfilling their public role. This means: 

  • Serving the public interest
  • Acting with integrity, diligence, and competence
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Avoiding improper use of influence
  • Arranging their affairs in a way that promotes public confidence and stands up to public scrutiny

In addition to the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw, council members must adhere to all applicable laws and enactments, including to the following: 



Complaints Adjudicator

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