Budget & Finance

Budget 2024

Rocky View County Council approved the Operating and Capital Base Budget for the upcoming fiscal year. This strategic financial plan is designed to enhance community services, promote sustainable growth, ensure fiscal responsibility and maintain the Rocky View lifestyle. News release.

Budget 2023

Rocky View County Council passes an Operating and Capital Base Budget in December of each year. That budget, plus any new initiatives or changes Council chooses to make to programs and services form the County’s final budget, which is approved in April each year. The final budget determines the tax rates for the County.


Tri-Annual Financial Package

Financial Statements

At the end of each fiscal year, the County's financial statements are prepared by Administration and audited by an independent accounting firm.

Financial Indicator Graphs

Financial Indicator Graphs are prepared by Alberta Municipal Affairs using financial and statistical data they receive from municipalities. They serve as a tool to assist Council and Administration in operational decisions.

MSI Funding

Rocky View County projects financed by the Government of Alberta's Municipal Sustainability Initiative.

For additional financial documents or records, please contact Financial Services at 403.230.1401 or email finance@rockyview.ca.


Finance Department
T: 403.230.1401
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