Road Closures & Allowances

The Municipal Government Act mandates the road/lane closure process including rights-of-way, road allowances, and lanes.

Anyone interested in applying for legal road closure should view the full Application Requirements and Road Closure Process (PDF), and submit the following:

  • Road Closure Application Form (PDF)
  • A current copy of the owner's certificate of title (searched within 30 days prior to the date of application)
  • The appropriate application fee as defined in the Master Rates Bylaw (PDF).
  • If the owner of the land adjacent to the road allowance is not the applicant, a letter from the owner authorizing an applicant to act on their behalf is also required.

Road Allowances

A road allowance is land where a public road could be constructed if the need arose. They are owned by the Province of Alberta, but under the care and control of municipalities. Occasionally, road allowances are on land unsuitable for road construction due to topographical or environmental constraints. Others have never been fully developed for vehicular travel.

If an adjacent landowner wishes to utilize the undeveloped road allowance for grazing or cultivation purposes, a Road License Agreement may be issued to permit these uses.

From time-to-time, adjacent landowners may make a request for the County to close an undeveloped road allowance for consolidation into their lands. An application to the County for a Road Allowance Purchase must then be made.

Road Allowance Purchase Process

  1. Pre-application consultation: Applicants are recommended to schedule a pre-application meeting with Engineering Services at 403.230.1401.
  2. Application submitted: The application is submitted with the necessary forms, fees, and supporting information which varies depending on the project. The applicant must be adjacent to road allowance or road plan.
  3. Evaluation of application: Engineering Services reviews the application for missing information, evaluates the impact on adjacent properties, considers comments made from circulation to other agencies, and assesses the project’s compliance with the County’s Land Use Bylaw.
  4. A Public Hearing date is set: The public hearing date is advertised in the local newspaper for a 14-day period to allow for public comment or concerns.
  5. Public Hearing is held: it is suggested that the applicant attend in order to answer any questions that Council may have.
  6. Local approval or denial: If Council approves the application, the accompanying bylaw is given first reading. The file is then forwarded to Alberta Transportation. If approved, the file is forwarded to Edmonton for Ministerial approval.
  7. Ministerial approval or denial: If the Minister approved the road allowance for purchase bylaw, the bylaw must then go back to Council for second and third readings.
  8. Completion: A final fee is paid to the County plus the cost of the purchases land (to be determined by Council - market value) is to be paid. The landowner hires a surveyor to survey the purchased land to be consolidated with their title. The surveyor then provides the County with a copy of the survey before transfer documentation is completed by the County.


Road Operations

Road Updates

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