Gravel Roads

Rocky View County maintains approximately 1,600 kilometres of gravel roads. The annual gravel road maintenance program includes:

  • road grading
  • shaping
  • adding material
  • removing washboards and potholes
  • dust control

There are 14 graders in the fleet, each with an assigned route to maintain. A typical rotation takes the grader operator three weeks to complete their route. Some areas—typically those roads close to the City of Calgary—require more frequent blading because of the heavy traffic volume.

Gravel Program

The County has a three-year graveling program in place. Each spring, approximately 100,000 tonnes of gravel covers roughly 500 kilometers of the gravel road network each year.

Dust Control

Residents who live next to a gravel road in Rocky View are eligible for one free dust control application every year. The dust control substance is called calcium chloride. The free application covers 100 metres on either side of your driveway.

To Qualify:

Your home must be within 150 metres of the centre line of the gravel road fronting your property. There is no need to make a request—it is applied automatically, unless you wish to have more than 100 metres applied per side of your driveway. To request extra calcium chloride, submit a Calcium Order Form (PDF) to the County (a fee applies).

Calcium Order Forms must be received before June 30 in order to be reviewed and scheduled.

The County cannot guarantee that orders received past June 30 will be fulfilled.

If you do not wish to have calcium chloride applied to your driveway, make a request to the County in writing along with an explanation. While all requests are considered, some are refused for safety reasons.


The County dust control program begins in May and is usually finished by the end of June. We are unable to estimate when your specific residence will receive calcium.


Transportation Services

Use the road issue report form to notify us about any current issues or problems or County roads.

Buying Gravel

Visit the Gravel Sales page if you are interested in purchasing gravel, or for the location of gravel pits in the County.

Road Updates

Visit the road updates page for timely information on construction, maintenance, snowfall, flooding, or other issues currently affecting County roads.