Bragg Creek Area Structure Plan Hamlet Review

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Phase 1 of the project includes the creation of the Visioning Committee. Council is scheduled to appoint the Visioning Committee Chair and Members at the May 14, 2024 Council Meeting.

During the March 12, 2024 Council Meeting, Council approved new project for the review of the Greater Bragg Creek Area Structure Plan. This project will continue the work that was previously started for the Bragg Creek Hamlet Expansion Strategy, but with a broader scope that includes the existing Hamlet as well. The intent of this new scope is to create a more comprehensive and efficient servicing plan, and a holistic strategy and vision for the entire Bragg Creek community.

The Terms of Reference for the project can be found here.

For more information on the previous Hamlet Expansion Strategy Project, click here.

Project Timeline

Work on this project will continue through the following phases:

Next Steps

The Project will proceed as per Phase 1 of the project plan above:

  • A call for applications for the Visioning Committee will be released soon. Stay tuned for more information and how to apply.
  • Preliminary technical studies will be undertaken to guide the rest of the project.

Related Information

The Bragg Creek Hamlet Expansion Strategy will align with other statutory plans, policies, and studies that have been adopted since the original Area Structure Plan was completed in 2007. Please visit the links below to review these related plans, policies, and studies:

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