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On January 16, 2023, the City of Calgary and Rocky View County announced that they have agreed to work collaboratively on a new industrial corridor in the lands shown in the map below, in lieu of the previously proposed annexation. This means that the annexation process will be paused as the parties work to develop a collaborative economic development framework and sustainable servicing arrangements. 

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On September 17, 2021, the County was notified of a request to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, by the City of Calgary, to proceed with plans to initiate the annexation process for land currently within Rocky View County. The proposed Shepard Industrial Area Structure Plan falls within this annexation area.

The City submitted a formal letter of initiation to begin the application process to acquire industrial lands within the boundaries of:

  • North: Highway 560
  • East: Range Road 282
  • South: Canada Pacific Railway line
  • West: Range Road 284

Proposed Annexation Area Map (PDF)

The proposed annexation area is identified as a future Industrial Growth Corridor for the City in the existing Rocky View County / City of Calgary Intermunicipal Development Plan, adopted in 2012. These lands are also identified for City growth in the County Plan, adopted in 2013. If annexed, the lands would be developed under The City’s jurisdiction.

The letter sent to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal fulfills the requirements of Section 116 of the Municipal Government Act.

The submission states that the City is planning for Calgary’s industrial future and this area will ensure they maintain an adequate long-term land supply to accommodate the evolving needs of industrial developers.

These lands represent 1,676 hectares of space that aligns with the City’s future growth plans for the industrial sector of Calgary.

Letters to notify landowners within the proposed annexation area, as well as those within 1.60 km of the area, were sent as part of the legislated process. 

For more information about land annexation in Alberta, please visit the Government of Alberta’s website.

For more information about the City of Calgary’s approach, please visit

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