The County provides wastewater service in Bragg Creek, Elbow Valley, East Balzac, East Rocky View (Cambridge Park/Conrich), Langdon, and Pinebrook.

All other areas are serviced by private, on-site septic systems. Rocky View County requires that all private sewage system installations must be performed by a certified installer.

Report a Problem

Bragg Creek, Conrich, East Balzac, Langdon, Prince of Peace, Watermark at Bearspaw: Contact Rocky View County at 403-230-1401

For all other areas within Rocky View County, please contact the utility provider for that area.

Don’t Clog Your Sewer

Fat, oil, and grease (FOG) — such as cooking oil, lard or butter, meat fats, sauce, gravy, food scraps, and wastewater from household cleaning — can become solid in the sewer system. Over time, this can create blockages that result in backups and overflows.

The best way to dispose of FOG is to wipe off dishes and cooking utensils before washing, collect used cooking oils for recycling, and collect grease for garbage disposal. Restaurants and other commercial businesses should dispose of FOG in a grease bin and practice a regular maintenance schedule on grease traps.

To prevent blocking the sewers, only flush human waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Never flush any other items, including feminine hygiene products and items labelled “flushable,” such as wipes.



Water Allocation Licences

Water licences and traditional agricultural registrations are managed and issued by Alberta Environment and Parks. Licence and registration information.