Off-Site Pumping

The Off-Site Pumping Bylaw (PDF) regulates off-site pumping onto municipal property and private property. The bylaw protects and maintains municipal property and private property and promotes the safe, enjoyable and reasonable use of these properties located adjacent to municipal property for the benefit of all residents of the County.

Please note, you do not require a pumping permit for sump-pumping, however, we recommend you pump at least three metres back from your property line, or, if you have a concrete swale adjacent to your property, pump directly into the swale, as this is purpose-built infrastructure for moving water away from your property. Do not pump onto neighbouring properties, including County roads, land, or other infrastructure, as you will be held responsible for the cost of any damage caused.

If you feel you need to pump water off of your land, please review the bylaw first. If you want to apply for a pumping permit, please download and complete the Off-Site Pumping Application form (PDF). It can be returned via:

Most permits will require a Water Act Approval Application (PDF) from Alberta Environment as part of the Water Act. Please read over the Dewatering/Pumping Approval Process Fact Sheet (PDF) and apply for a Water Act Approval from Alberta Environment (South Saskatchewan Region) at the same time you are submitting your application to the County. Our approval could be subject to theirs.

There is no fee for an off-site pumping permit. Please be advised there is no specific time frame for the length of permit application approval. All Infrastructure and Operations departments need to investigate, so submit your application before your situation is critical.

With this new bylaw in place, if you are found pumping without a County permit, you could be subject to an immediate stop order and be liable for the listed fines. (Schedule B within the permit)

If you have any questions, please call us at 403.230.1401.

Water Utilities Locate Request

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