Cross Connection Control

What is a Cross Connection?

A cross connection is an actual or potential connection between a potable water (drinking water) system and non potable or contaminated water source. A cross connection control program protects every customer served by the distribution system.

Residential Customers

Potential indoor cross connections include leaving a hose attached to a faucet in a laundry sink, as well as extendable kitchen faucets or handheld shower heads left in a sink or tub.

If you have an outdoor irrigation system, you should have a cross connection control device to mitigate the risk of potential contamination of the potable water source, whether you are on a well or are connected to a potable water distribution system.

Other outdoor potential cross connections include a garden hose connected to a fertilizer container, or leaving the end of a hose in a non-potable water source such as a pool or pond. Attaching a hose connection vacuum breaker (HCBV) to the outdoor tap before attaching your hose is a good cross connection control measure. This is the lowest level of cross-connection protection, as HCBV’s are not testable devices, but will serve to protect you and your family from contamination of your household water.

Have your cross connection control device(s) tested annually by a certified tester to protect the drinking water in your community and your home.

The City of Calgary has a list of certified cross connection control testers.

Industrial and Commercial Customers

There are multiple sources for cross connections within industrial/commercial facilities, usually with multiple cross connection control devices within. Each device must be tested annually by a certified tester and the report sent to Rocky View County.

The City of Calgary has a list of certified cross connection control testers.

Certified Testers

When a device is replaced or a new device installed, a new red tag must be filled out and attached to the new device. Email Rocky View County Utility Services at to request a new red tag or submit completed test reports.