This page is for general information and comparison, and the results show municipal taxes only.

Your property tax bill also includes education and seniors’ lodging taxes that are collected on behalf of the Province of Alberta and the local seniors’ housing foundation.  These amounts are not shown in the comparison.

For your specific details, see your assessment notice or property tax bill and the notes below.

If your home (residential property) is assessed at:

Enter dollar value 

Your municipal taxes would be approximately:

Community Property Tax
Kananaskis I.D.  
Foothills County  
Wheatland County  
Kneehill County  
Mountain View County  
Rocky View County  
M.D. of Bighorn  

Based on 2020 tax rates provided by Alberta Municipal Affairs.

Assessed Value

Taxes are calculated on assessed value. If you don't know the assessed value of your home in Rocky View County you can estimate it, or use the Assessment Roll Search tool.

Differing Services

Different municipalities provide different services and standards of service. These can be funded by taxes, user fees, or a combination of both. For a complete picture of municipal taxes, remember to consider any fees that must be paid in addition to taxes.

Property Value

The taxes shown are for a residential property of the same value in each municipality. The actual assessed value of a property identical to yours may be higher or lower in other municipalities.


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