Important Tax Dates

Property Tax Process

  • Tax rates are set each year in April by Council.
  • Tax notices are mailed out by the middle of May.
  • Taxes are due on or before June 30. There are several payment options.
  • Late taxes incur a 4% penalty on July 1, September 1 and November 1.

If you have not received your notice by the end of May, contact the Tax Section at 403.230.1401 or by email at Late tax penalties still apply even if you did not receive a notice.

Late Tax Penalties

  • Current Taxes
    A 4% penalty will be applied July 1 to current taxes not paid on or before June 30. A further 4% penalty will be applied on September 1 and November 1 to taxes that remain unpaid.
  • Arrears Taxes
    A further penalty of 12% will be applied on January 1 to the total taxes and penalties not paid on or before December 31.

Please note: Payments received after the payment deadline will receive a 12% penalty unless written proof from Canada Post or a financial institution is provided.


Tax Department
T: 403.230.1401
F: 403.276.5372