County vs. Provincial Roads

Road maintenance in Rocky View County is a cooperative effort, at both the local and provincial level. On local roads, the County’s municipal workers perform road maintenance. On provincial highways, Alberta Transportation is responsible for overseeing the road maintenance. Service on these roads is carried out by contractors and includes: pothole repair, grading, snow plowing, dust control, sanding, road kill pickup, road signs, mowing, and weed control.

The province is divided into a number of sections known as Contract Maintenance Areas (CMA) that outline which company is responsible for the road maintenance of provincial highways in that area. Rocky View County and the neighboring areas of Municipal District of Bighorn No. 8 and Kananaskis Improvement District are combined into one CMA.

Volker Stevin is responsible for the provincial highways in this area.

For timely response to concerns regarding maintenance on provincial highways, Rocky View residents can contact the servicing contractor directly.

  • Volker Stevin
    1.888.VSROADS (877.6237)


Transportation Services

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Road Updates

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