County Utilities

Because of Rocky View County’s size and varied population density, different services are available in different areas. In some parts of the County, there are no official utilities, and residents arrange their own services from private vendors.

County-provided utilities include:


  • Available in: East Balzac, Bragg Creek, and Elkana
  • Not available: All other locations. Water services in these areas are available from over 70 private and co-operative water systems and suppliers, or from private wells accessing ground water supplies.


  • Available in: East Balzac, East Rocky View (Cambridge Park/Conrich), Bragg Creek, Langdon, Pinebrook, and Elbow Valley
  • Not available: All other locations. Residents in these areas use private, on-site systems (septic tanks). Alberta Environment is responsible for wastewater treatment standards and testing.

Garbage Pickup

The following sections provide details on accessing County Utilities.

Set Up a Utility Account

To sign up for any of the County’s utilities, you need to create a utility account. Utility accounts can only be set up by the owner of a property.

If you are renting a property, contact the owner for any information about the property’s utility account.

Utility account numbers are specific to the property; not to the customer. If you move to a new property in Rocky View County, your utility account number will change. If you pay your bill online or by telephone banking, be sure to change your utility account number with your financial institution.

Payment Options

Rocky View County offers a number of payment options. Choose the option that is right for you.

  1. Pre-authorized bank withdrawal: you may enroll to have your bill paid automatically through your bank account by using one of the forms below. Please print out and fill in the form that applies to you, and submit it at the County Hall.
  2. Online or telephone banking: most financial institutions have Rocky View County listed for making payments via the Internet or telephone banking. When setting up your payment, please be sure to use all ten digits of your account number, without the decimal point. Please allow two to three business days for processing of online or telephone payments.
  3. In person: you can pay your utility bill at the County Hall by cash, cheque, debit, Visa or MasterCard. A night drop box is available where you can drop of your cheque after hours. Be sure to include your bill stub or account number.
  4. By mail: mail your payment to the Utility department at the address listed below. Be sure to include your bill stub or account number. Do not mail cash. Please make cheques payable to Rocky View County.

Mail to:
Rocky View County
262075 Rocky View Point
Rocky View County, AB
T4A 0X2

Overdue Payments

Your payment must be received by Rocky View County on or before the due date shown on your utility bill. A penalty will be applied to any outstanding utility account balances. After 90 days, unpaid charges may be transferred to the property tax roll of the affected property.

Please contact the Utilities department at to discuss any payment concerns.

Cancel a Utility Account

To cancel your utility account with the County you can:



Other Inquiries

Water Utilities Locate Request

Use our online form to request location marking of any underground water, wastewater, or stormwater utilities operated by Rocky View County.