Rocky View County offers grant funding to assist non-profit community organizations with providing recreational services to County residents, and with general operating and capital costs associated with building and enhancing recreation facilities and community halls located in the County.

In addition, the County also provides support to community organizations and projects consisting of distinct categories that reflect the diverse needs of the County’s communities.

Community Recreation Funding is distributed based on the County’s Community Recreation Funding Policy (PDF).

Available Funding

  • Operational Funding
    The ongoing costs of running a facility or program, such as program costs and utilities.
  • Capital Funding
    Includes expenditures creating future benefits or a fixed asset such as a trailer, building, furnace, or roof; including both interior and exterior upgrades to buildings and land.
  • Community Enhancement Funding (spring intake only)
    Community Groups may apply for funding for initiatives that fall under the following categories:
    • Heritage Awareness: support tangible initiatives to promote and preserve the County’s history
    • Volunteer Development: support investment back into the community through volunteerism
    • Arts and Festivals: support organizations and festivals in their efforts to provide quality arts programming
    • Community Beautification: non-profit organizations and projects that beautify County communities to enhance quality of life and well-being of County residents, while promoting and creating healthy communities

Only one operating, one capital, and one community enhancement funding application per community organization may be submitted per calendar year.

Application Deadlines

Facilities and organizations must apply annually, in the spring or fall, to be eligible.

  • Spring deadline: March 1
    The Community Enhancement Funding is only accepted in the spring.
  • Fall deadline: October 1

Application Requirements

Applications for both Operational and Capital Funding must include the following information in the funding request:

  • Purpose of organization/program (must be recreational or cultural)
  • How the funds will be used
  • Number of Rocky View County residents program serves
  • Current year operating budget
  • Financial statements (audited if available)
  • Funding requests of $100,000.00 or more may require a presentation from the applicant to the Committee at the discretion of the chair.

Applications for Capital Funding must also include:

  • Complete project plan
  • Complete project budget (supported by three quotes)
  • Detailed Project Funding Plan
  • Community involvement (via fundraising, volunteer labor)
  • Anticipated start and completion date
  • Financial statements (audited if available)
  • Funding requests in excess of $50,000 may require additional information (eg. Business Plan, Life Cycle Plan, Feasibility Study).

Application Forms

Application Review Process and Timeline

  1. Application is submitted to the Recreation, Parks and Community Support department and reviewed for compliance with the policy.
  2. Accepted applications are presented to the Recreation Governance Committee for consideration.
  3. Applicant is notified in writing of the Committee’s decision.
  4. If the application is approved by the Committee, the project may commence and invoices may be submitted to Rocky View County for payment.
  5. At the project’s final completion stage, confirmation must be sent to Rocky View County to finalize funding.


We would be happy to meet with you to discuss the plans for your project, as well as the County's requirements for accessing this grant program.

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