Rocky View County is pleased to be able to provide grant funding opportunities to County residents, community groups, organizations and businesses, in their efforts to make Rocky View County a welcoming and healthy place to live.

The current grant funding programs are:

  • Community Recreation Funding Grant
    Offers grant funding to assist non-profit community organizations with general operating and capital costs associated with building and enhancing recreation, community halls, and other facilities located in the County. The grant program also supports programming and projects that qualify under four distinct categories that benefit the communities in Rocky View County.
  • Family and Community Support Services Funding (FCSS)
    Provides funding to various non-profit organizations and agencies to enhance the social well-being of individuals and families through promotion or intervention strategies provided at the earliest opportunity.
  • Langdon Recreation Grant
    Does your non-profit group provide recreation programs, amenities or events exclusively within the Hamlet of Langdon? The Langdon Recreation Grant can provide resources to assist.
  • Specialized Transportation Grant
    Provides financial assistance to qualifying specialized transportation providers who service seniors and people with disabilities in relation to their medical or therapeutic appointments.


Visit each grant page for contact details relevant to that particular grant.