An assessment complaint may be filed for any of the following items:

  • the description of a property or business*
  • the name and mailing address of an assessed person or taxpayer*
  • school support*
  • an assessment class
  • an assessment sub-class
  • the type of property
  • the type of improvement
  • whether the property is assessable
  • whether the property is exempt from taxation

* Corrections to these items can be made by calling Assessment Services at 403.230.1401.

The Assessment Review Board has no jurisdiction to deal with complaints about tax rates or a linear property.

Before Filing a Complaint

You may speak with an assessor if you have questions or concerns regarding your assessment. The assessor can provide information on how the assessment was prepared and help you determine whether their assessment is correct and equitable in relation to similar properties. The assessor can also make corrections to an assessment without a complaint being filed.

Filing a Complaint

Provincial legislation outlines how complaints must be made. Alberta Municipal Affairs publications are available to assist you with filing your assessment compliant:

Your complaint must be submitted on the Assessment Review Board Complaint Form (PDF). If the complaint is submitted by a representative who is appointed and acting on your behalf, an Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form (PDF) is required.

A complaint must be filed with the required fee no later than the complaint deadline stated on the assessment notice. Complaint fees are stated on the back of the assessment notice or refer to the Current Fees & Charges (PDF). Fees can be paid by mailing or dropping off a cheque made out to Rocky View County or by calling 403-230-1401 to pay by credit card.

The required forms must be completed as prescribed. Significant errors could lead to the complaint being dismissed as invalid.

Submit completed assessment complaint forms to the Assessment Review Board by:



Rocky View County
Assessment Review Board
Attn: ARB Clerk
262075 Rocky View Point
Rocky View County, AB, T4A 0X2

In person or by delivering to the 24-hour drop box:

County Hall
262075 Rocky View Point
Rocky View County, AB, T4A 0X2

Please note that the complaint is not valid without the required fee.

Assessment complaints are NOT accepted by fax.

What Happens Next?

The Clerk of the Assessment Review Board verifies that the complaint form and required fee were submitted correctly, on time, and in compliance with all applicable requirements. If all submission requirements are met, the Clerk arranges a hearing. A Notice of Hearing, advising of the date, time, and location of the hearing, is sent to you, Assessment Services, and any other assessed person who is affected by the complaint. The Notice of Hearing also includes the disclosure deadlines to submit evidence to support the complaint.

An assessment complaint does not exempt you from paying your taxes on time. To avoid late payment penalties, you must pay your taxes on or before the due date. If your complaint is successful, there will be an adjustment to the tax roll.

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