Public Presentation Committee

2024 Meeting Dates

  • January 17
  • April 17
  • July 17
  • October 9

Meeting agendas, minutes, and live streaming are available on our Meetings & Hearings web page.


  • The Public Presentation Committee (PPC) provides a forum for members of the public and stakeholder groups to present information and updates to elected officials and Administration and provides an avenue for the County to better understand the needs and concerns of its communities.

Role of Committee

  • Hear presentations from the public on matters affecting the County.
  • The Committee cannot make decisions or give any approvals or direction on current or future applications.
  • If the Committee chooses, they can refer a matter to Council. For example: if the Committee feels that a presentation requires action or a decision, that matter can be forwarded for a future Council meeting.


  • All sitting Councillors
  • Councillor Wright is Chair
  • Deputy Reeve Kochan is Vice-Chair


  • All members’ terms expire at the end of Council’s term in October 2025


  • The Committee will meet a minimum of four times annually on the dates set at the annual Organizational Meeting of Council.
  • Additional meetings or special meetings may be held at the call of the Chair.
  • No meetings are held during the summer and winter breaks (August and December).
  • Meetings will be conducted in accordance with the County’s Procedure Bylaw.
  • Meeting agendas, minutes, and live streaming are available on our Meetings & Hearings webpage. Agendas are posted on the Thursday, the week before the meeting.

Presenting to the Public Presentation Committee

The members of the Public Presentation Committee are County Councillors, but the meetings are not Council meetings, and Council decisions are not made.

Meetings are held to provide groups/individuals the opportunity to present information and share their vision with the Committee, NOT to ask for advice on what should be done on a specific property.

If you would like to bring a matter to the Committee’s attention, that does not require a decision of Council, you can apply to make a presentation.

Examples of presentations that will be accepted by the Committee include those from:

  • Developers and/or landowners submitting their vision for a future project that will not a require a Council decision;
  • Not-for-profit organizations outlining their work in the community, or about recognition for special volunteers;
  • Post-secondary institutions or research groups presenting studies or surveys that might interest the County;
  • Resident or community groups sharing future plans or current activities that the groups are involved in; or
  • Businesses or organizations wanting to apprise Committee members of projects or initiatives that will not require a Council decision.

Examples of presentations that will not be accepted by the Committee include:

  • The subject matter of the presentation is related to an active application from the presenter or the presenter intends to submit an application within six months of the presentation date;
  • The subject matter of the presentation is outside of the authority or jurisdiction of Rocky View County;
  • The subject matter of the presentation is more appropriate for a different committee, board, commission, or other body; or
  • Individuals or groups wishing to provide technical, legal, or similar information when they possess no relevant qualifications or expertise.

Presentations are strictly limited to 20 minutes, but Committee members may ask questions afterwards.

To request the opportunity to make a presentation, please fill in the Public Presentation Committee form below:

You can then either submit this form via email to, or print it and send or drop off a paper copy to:

Rocky View County
Attention: Legislative & Intergovernmental Services
262075 Rocky View Point
Rocky View County, AB
T4A 0X2

Please make your requests as early as possible. A completed requested form is to be submitted four weeks prior to the scheduled PPC meeting in order for the presentation to be included on the agenda.

Once you have submitted your request, a member from the Legislative & Intergovernmental Services department will contact you to discuss next steps.

If your presentation request proceeds to a meeting, you must provide Legislative & Intergovernmental Services with a final copy of any print or visual materials (including PowerPoint or similar) at least 15 days before the presentation. Once submitted, changes to this material are not permitted. If changes are needed, your presentation will be rescheduled.


If you have questions about presenting to the Public Presentation Committee, contact Rocky View County Legislative & Intergovernmental Services at or 403.230.1401.


Legislative Services

262075 Rocky View Point
Rocky View County, AB
T4A 0X2