Rocky View East Recreation District

Role of Committee

  • To foster, create, develop, maintain and operate parks, recreation program facilities and services and other recreational facilities in the cooperating town (if applicable) and regional area under their joint control and management

Recreation Board

  • 1 Council
  • 1 Council (Irricana)
  • 1 RVSD
  • 7 Members at Large



  • Approximately one (1) four hour meeting per month
  • 48 hours per year
  • 7 days per year

Current Members

Member Position Expiry
Councillor Boehlke 2021
T. Poffenroth 2019
H. Shierman (Kathryn) 2019
B. Williams (Dalroy) 2019
L. Wright (Irricana) 2019
T. Bell (Keoma) 2020
J. Laye (Delacour) 2020
N. Wright 2020


Recreation, Parks and Community Support