Markers and monuments are a special way to honour your loved one and mark their final resting place. They are a tribute to a great life lived and an ever-lasting reminder of your loved one for future generations.

We offer an affordable selection of bronze and granite markers and monuments in a variety of colours, styles, and designs that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Flat Markers

Flat markers are made of granite or bronze and are inscribed with custom lettering and emblems that are installed flush with the ground. Flat Markers may be made of granite, or bronze that are then set on a piece of granite, with a minimum of a two-inch margin around the edge of the bronze. The allowable marker sizes depend on the size of the plot. Flat markers can be placed in most areas of the cemetery except for the Chinese garden.

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments are permitted on most full-size plots and a select number of cremation plots. All monuments are to be granite and must be placed either on an available concrete ribbon or a granite foundation. This is dependent on the type of plot purchased. We offer several sizes and colors, as well as custom designs upon request.


Plaques for the columbaria and scattering garden wall are also available for purchase. We have a beautiful selection of niche plaques, including the traditional wreath/scroll or a more customizable 9-inch square or 10-inch square plaque with several bud vase options. The Rose Garden scattering wall plaques are optional but are a lovely way to memorialize your loved one.


Vases are a wonderful way to leave offerings at a loved one’s resting place. Vases can be purchased with markers. While it is not mandatory, it is recommended that vases and markers be purchased together for both the ease of maintenance and overall appearance of the cemetery.


The cemetery offers the option of purchasing a memorial bench to remember those we love. All benches must be purchased through the cemetery. We have several different options including granite and composite benches. Families are able to consult with our staff to determine the best placement for both the family and the cemetery.

Third Party Memorial Markers

Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery does allow markers to be placed from third party companies, but we do require a cemetery permit indicating size and type of marker to be submitted for approval prior to creation. Marker permit fees range in price, depending on type and size of marker. Please inquire directly for more information.

Marker Dimensions

Fees & Pricing

Memorial marker prices range depending on type, size, and custom options. For fees and pricing, please contact the Cemetery office at 403-285-0660 or


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Cemetery Master Plan

A long term plan for the management and upkeep of Rocky View County's cemeteries.