Choosing a type of interment for you or your loved one can be a difficult and stressful decision. Whether you choose cremation or a traditional burial, Cemetery Services are available to provide as much information as possible to help make this challenging decision.

Cremation Options

As cremation is becoming a more popular choice after death, Rocky View Garden of Peace is proud to offer many types of interment options for cremation.

  • Burials: Cremation lots are two by two feet in size and can hold as many as two urns.
  • Scatterings: The scattering of ashes can be a valuable and good choice the final resting place of loved ones. The scattering of cremated remains can be done at the Rose Garden at the Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery. Ashes will be scattered around beautifully maintained flowers and plants. The garden also contains a wall where plaques can be displayed to memorialize loved ones.
  • Columbarium: Columbariums are above ground structures made of granite, which are a beautiful and economic way to honour a loved one. Urns containing the cremated remains are sealed into the niches and bronze plaques are added. We have three columbariums in the Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery. The Everlasting Life Niche is for one urn only, while the Memory Niche and Gethsemane Niche are for two urns only.

Traditional Burials

Traditional burials lots can contain up to two caskets with four urns.

Special Lots and Sections

The Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery provides a number of special lots and sections have been established to honor a certain group or to accommodate special wishes for burial.

  • Field of Honour: This section is reserved for Veterans and Veteran Allies, as well as their spouses. The lots are at a reduced cost, and proof of service needs to be provided for this garden. Contact Veteran Affairs Canada to receive proof of service.
  • Infant/Child Garden: Smaller lots with flat markers are provided in this section for infants and children.
  • Silent Hopes: Silent Hopes is a section for pregnancies that do not make it to term. Cemetery Services work with the Foothills Hospital, Pierson’s Funeral Services, and Sunset Memorial and Stone to cremate the infants and provide a marker for them. A memorial is held two times a year at the Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery on-site Chapel.

Religious and Cultural Sections

In an effort to meet the diverse cultural needs of the surrounding communities, several religious and cultural sections are available including:

  • Roman Catholic section
  • Chinese section
  • Muslim groups:
    • Afghan Shia Muslim Association
    • Ahmidayya Muslim Community
    • Hussaini Association
    • Ismaili Community
    • Anjumane Vajihi
  • Other religious groups:
    • Zoroastrian Association
    • Fijian Community
    • Hambastegi Cultural Association

Pre-Need Purchases

Planning services for a funeral can be a hard process for family members. Those wishing to be involved and plan ahead to keep their family from making these hard decisions, everything can be purchased in advance, except for opening and closing fees.


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Cemetery Master Plan

A long term plan for the management and upkeep of Rocky View County's cemeteries.