Leaving flowers and mementos on a grave lot is a common way for family and friends to honour loved ones who have passed. Cemetery Services respect and understand the need that families have to leave these offerings.

In the interest of maintaining the appearance and safety of the cemetery, some regulations have been put in place to outline what may and may not be left on grave lots.

Articles placed on grave lots will be removed by the Cemetery Supervisor when their condition is considered to be disruptive to the aesthetics of the cemetery and conflict with cemetery maintenance. Any items removed will be held for 14 days before being disposed of.

Cemetery Services are not responsible for the loss of or damage to any marker, flower holder, or any portable object placed on any lots.

Vases, Urns and Flower Stands

Vases, urns and flower stands not properly cared for and are not filled with plants by October 1 in any year may be removed from the lot and any stand, holder, vase or other receptacle for flowers that is unsightly or unsuitable may be prohibited or removed by the Cemetery Supervisor.

Artificial Wreaths and Flowers

Artificial wreaths and flowers are allowed from the last cutting of the lawn in the fall until the first cutting in the spring, approximately October 1 to May 15, provided they are properly maintained and not detrimental to the general maintenance of the cemetery.

Trees, Shrubs, and Flower Beds

The planting of any trees, shrubs, or flowers is strictly prohibited and will be removed by the supervisor.

Perpetual Care

Upon the purchase of a lot, a portion of that money is put into a Perpetual Care Trust Fund. The Perpetual Care Fee is a one-time fee charged per grave and required under the Alberta Cemeteries Act. The maintenance includes cutting the grass, reseeding as required, grading, re-leveling when necessary and the overall general landscaping and care of the cemetery.


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Cemetery Master Plan

A long term plan for the management and upkeep of Rocky View County's cemeteries.