This location is a Transfer Site. Transfer sites are large areas that are designed to collect many different material types such as yard waste, garbage, e-waste, tires, and recycling. When household waste is dropped off, these sites require payment by cash or the Tag-a-Bag system.


90 Elbow Rise NE 13-23-5-W5M
About 1 km north of the bridge on Wintergreen Rd.
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403-949-3716 (during operating hours)
403-230-1401 (after hours)


Wednesday: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

2024 additional branch collection days:

June 2                  12-5pm 
July 6-8                9am-5pm 
Sept 21-23          9am-5pm 

Firesmart your yard and community!

Accepted Materials

  • Household garbage (1 tag-a-bag ticket per bag)
  • Cardboard
  • Metal
  • Mixed paper
  • Newspaper
  • Household plastics (must be clean, no styrofoam)
  • Electronics (list of eligible electronics)
  • Clear glass (no ceramics, light bulbs, mirrors)
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Fluorescent light bulbs (residential)
  • Grass and Leaves (May 1 – Oct. 31 only)
  • Christmas trees (seasonal)
  • Branches - less than 6 in. diameter (no stumps, these would be garbage) [May 1 – Oct. 31 only]
  • Used motor oil and containers (do not rinse containers)
  • Gear oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil
  • Oil filters
  • Appliances (fridges, freezers, water coolers - a fee applies for Freon removal, see Master Rates Bylaw)
  • Tires (with or without rims)
  • Automotive batteries
  • Propane tanks
  • Paint (list of eligible paints)
  • Grain bags (must be rolled and secured with twine)
  • Wire (must be rolled and free of non-metal items)
  • Plastic twine (must be free of debris and in clear bags)
  • Obsolete agricultural pesticides

Now accepting organic materials*:

  • Food, including peels and meat bones
  • Chopsticks, popsicle sticks, and toothpicks
  • Pizza boxes
  • Paper towels and tissues
  • Pet food
  • Paper plates and napkins
  • Compostable straws and cutlery
  • Coffee filters and tea bags
  • Grease, oils, sauces

*Please Note: This is a pilot project to evaluate the need for organic collection and the effectiveness of bear-proof carts. We encourage all Bragg Creek residents to use the new organic waste program.

The Bragg Creek transfer site also collects residents' household hazardous waste, including paint, motor oil, antifreeze and aerosols.


Visit the fees page for a full list of garbage & recycling fees.

Donation Shed

Rocky View County has teamed up with Diabetes Canada to collect unwanted textiles and small household items in the donation shed located on site—items such as clothing and linens, housewares, books, toys, and knick-knacks.

Residents are asked to package hard items, such as books, plates, small appliances, and toys in boxes before bringing them to the donation shed; all other items may be packaged in plastic bags or boxes.


The transfer site cannot accept large amounts of renovation and construction materials at this time. It is the responsibility of the home owner to transport this material to an appropriate facility.


Solid Waste & Recycling

How can I get rid of...?

Tires? Pesticides? Old TVs? Paint? Metal barrels? Plywood?—Check out the Garbage Materials page for a comprehensive listing of where in the County you can dispose of unwanted items.

Servicing Strategy

For the long-term benefit of our environment, communities, and residents, the following guiding documents have been developed: