Fire Permits

Facts to know about fire burn permits: 

  1. It is free to get a fire burn permit 
  2. You must meet the requirements 
  3. The permit gives you a 5-day weather window, but if something changes and you plan to burn later, we need you to update the permit.  
  4. The permit form is online at Request a Fire Permit
  5. You need a permit year around and permits are suspended during a fire ban or advisory. After the ban/advisory is lifted you can resubmit for a permit. 
  6. The fine for not having a permit is $1000.  

What kind of fire qualifies for a burn permit: 

  1. Want to burn a pile of trees you’ve cleared out, deadfall? 
  2. Have old farm fences, wood, demolished buildings, etc., that you want to get rid of? 
  3. Burning in an open space like a field? 

What you need to have to safely burn: 

  1. The wind speed must not exceed 12km/hr. Call 833-794-3556 for a weather report. 
  2. Watch the fire until it is completely out. It must be manned by someone 18 + years. 
  3. Suitable fire extinguishing equipment needs to be located at site. 
  4. No burning is permitted after dark unless a special permit has been issued by the Rocky View County Fire Chief. 
  5. Fire Dispatch must be notified half (1/2) hour prior to burn taking place. 
  6. It is also nice to notify your neighbours so they don’t think your house is on fire. 

Once we receive your application, a Fire Guardian from your local fire station will reach out and explain thoroughly what is required, the parameters to follow, review what is allowed or not and do a site inspection. 

Fire permits are required for all open burning on a year-round basis, in accordance with Bylaw C-5545-2002. Exceptions may be permitted if burning is to take place in a burning barrel fitted with a screen, or outside firepit. Penalties apply for contravention for Bylaw C-5545-2002. Read bylaw here. 

Have more questions, reach your local Fire Guardian by phoning the Rocky View County office at 403-230-1401 or email 

The following aspects are considered when site inspections are conducted: 

  • Is the burn necessary? 
  • Is the debris properly piled? 
  • Is it adequately fire-guarded? 
  • Does the permit holder have adequate manpower and suppression resources on how to cope with the job? 
  • Is the prospective permit holder knowledgeable about fire behavior? 
  • Will the fire smolder for long periods of time, thus increasing the risk of future starts? 
  • If fire escapes, where will it spread? What property will it destroy or whose lives will be endangered? 
  • What is the current and predicted fire danger? 
  • What is the current and predicted weather? For example, it would be unwise to allow burning to proceed during a prolonged dry and hot spell with a predicted windy condition. 
  • Will the smoke emissions create a visibility problem for the travelling public? IE: major highways, railroad crossing, etc. 
  • What constitutes a reasonable time period for completing the burn? 

Permits are NOT required for the following activities: 

  • Cooking food using a portable appliance 
  • Recreational fires or cooking food in a fire pit 
  • Fireplaces 
  • Burning within an acceptable burning barrel and/or incinerator 

Only clean fuel is to be used such as natural gas, dry wood, or charcoal, in amounts that will be contained within the fire pit and the flame height is not to exceed one metre. 

For all other circumstances, a valid fire permit issued by Rocky View County Fire Services is required. 

Prohibited Burning Materials

As directed under Alberta Regulation 211/96, certain materials cannot be disposed of through burning, including:

  • Household waste/garbage
  • Wood products containing substances for the purpose of preserving wood.
  • Animal manure
  • Non-wood material
  • Pathological waste
  • Tires
  • Rubber or plastic, or anything containing or coated with rubber or plastic or similar substance, except rubber or plastic attached to shredded scrap steel
  • Used oil
  • Solid waste from sawmills or planning mills with an annual production in excess of 9500 cubic meters of lumber
  • Waste material from building or construction sites excluding wooden material that do not contain wood preservatives
  • Combustible material in automobile bodies

For full list of prohibited items visit: Prohibited Debris: Before You Burn... Learn! ( 

Fireworks Permits

Fireworks permits are required by law. In the County, any person selling or discharging fireworks, either consumer/recreational or professional, must have a valid Fireworks Permit.


Call 911 for all emergencies.

For other Fire Services questions or reports call 403.230.1401.

Book a Fire Inspection

Whether you need a sale-of-fireworks permit, a daycare inspection, a special event or occupancy permit, you can book a Fire Services inspection right from this website.