Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

Role of Board

  • Hear appeals from the County’s Development Authority and Subdivision Authority
  • Confirm, revoke, or vary orders relating to development permits or subdivisions and/or any condition attached to them
  • This Board replaces the previous Subdivision Appeal Committee and Development Appeal Committee, as per the Rocky View County Appeal and Review Panel Bylaw (PDF)
  • This Board is also governed by the Rocky View County Board and Committee Code of Conduct Bylaw (PDF)


  • One (1) member of Council, and one (1) alternate Councillor
  • Four (4) Members at Large, and two (2) alternate Members at Large
  • A per diem and mileage is paid in accordance with Council Policy C-221 (PDF)


  • One (1) member of Council and one (1) alternate Councillor for a one (1) year term
  • Four (4) Members at Large and two (2) alternate Members at Large for a two (2) year term


  • Every three weeks, on Wednesdays

Dates, Agendas, & Board Orders

Meeting Date Agenda Board Decisions Video
January 8 Agenda (PDF) 05736201; PRDP20184867 (PDF)
07607001; PRDP20193711 (PDF)
January 29 Agenda (PDF) 05301006; PRDP20192968 (PDF)  
February 19 Agenda (PDF) 07119008; PRDP20194334 (PDF) Video (YouTube)
May 13 Agenda (PDF) 06428082; PRDP20200443 (PDF)
05326001; PRDP20200042 (PDF)
Video (YouTube)
June 3 Agenda (PDF) 06713066 PL20190098 (PDF)
05328023 PRDP20200038 (PDF)
03321005 PRDP20200124 (PDF)
Video (YouTube)
June 24 Agenda (PDF) 06712023 PL20190106 (PDF) Video (YouTube)
July 15 Agenda (PDF)    
August 5      
August 26      
September 16      
October 7      
October 28      
November 18      
December 9      
December 30      
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Current Members

Member Position Expiry
Councillor Henn Chair 2020
T. Fehr   2021
H. George Vice Chair 2022
M. Goetjen   2021
W. Metzger   2022
I. Galbraith Alternate 2021
P. Whitnack Alternate 2022


Legislative Services

262075 Rocky View Point
Rocky View County, AB
T4A 0X2

Meeting Information

All meetings are held in the Council Chambers at the County Hall.

262075 Rocky View Point
Rocky View County, AB
T4A 0X2

Commencing at 9:00 a.m. Free public parking is available.