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Waste & Recycling FAQ

Service Levels Overview

Waste & Recycling Service Levels (Click to Enlarge)

Waste & Recycling Service Levels (Click to Enlarge)

Can I burn my household waste?

Burning household waste in a "burn barrel" or other receptacle is often done in the County. While this may have been acceptable many years ago when paper and tin were the common waste items it is no longer an acceptable method of waste disposal with concerns over air quality, and the type of material commonly found in our homes, including plastic, foam, glues and coated papers. Burning plastics is prohibited in Alberta.

While reduce, reuse and recycle should be your primary considerations, it is legal to burn carbon-based, untreated materials, which might include wood or straw. Other materials should be taken to a facility for recycle or safe disposal.

See also: Fire Permits

Is a farm considered residential and can I use a County Waste & Recycling Centre?

Small farms are considered residential and can use the facilities. Commercial farms would be charged a commercial rate to use the transfer site. These farms may want to contact private waste hauling companies.

Where can I take clothing that can still be worn?

Langdon, Irricana and Bragg Creek have clothing donation bins. Residents can also consider other clothing donation centres located in Calgary or other nearby communities.

I have tires with studs. Can these be recycled?

Yes. They can be taken to a Waste & Recycling Centre for recycling.

See Also: Garbage Materials

Can I pay cash for my waste disposal at a County Waste & Recycling Centre?

Yes, County Waste & Recycling Centres accept cash payments; however, Tag-a Bag Tickets must be used at Chuck Wagons.

If I don’t live in Rocky View County can I use a County Waste & Recycling Centre?

No, County Waste & Recycling Centres only accept materials from County residents.

What are the best days to go to a County Waste & Recycling Centre?

Weekends can be very busy, with over 400 vehicles passing through Waste & Recycling Centre gates on an average Saturday. Consider mid-week drop offs to avoid line-ups.

I’m renovating my home. Can I use a County Waste & Recycling Centre to dispose of construction waste?

Homeowners that generate small amounts of construction waste can drop off their materials at one of the County’s Waste & Recycling Centres. It is a good idea to call ahead to make sure they have room for the materials you are bringing. If a contractor is completing the work, it is their responsibility to remove the waste and take it to the appropriate facility. We do not accept commercial waste.

See Also: Garbage Materials

Do I pay for the recycling programs that are in place?

No. The County’s recycling programs for oil, paint, tires, and e-waste are available to the community free of charge because the County has cooperative agreements with the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) and e-cycle.

Will reporting illegal dumping make a difference?

Absolutely! By reporting any and all suspected incidents of illegal dumping, you’ll not only help keep Rocky View County clean and safe, but also ensure that those responsible for committing these acts are held accountable.

How do I report illegal dumping?

Area residents are urged to report anyone suspected of illegally dumping waste material to the County’s Enforcement Services via online report or calling 403.230.1401. The local RCMP detachment can also be notified.

When calling to report illegal dumping, please provide as much detail and information as possible including:

  • Date, time and location of the offence;
  • Violator’s description, if possible; and
  • Details of the violation itself, (i.e. what was the waste illegally disposed of?)

How do I dispose of a larger item such as a mattress or fridge or hazardous material?

They can be taken to a Waste & Recycling Centre for recycling or disposal.

See Also: Garbage Materials

What can I do to get my business or school to support recycling?

To support recycling, consider participating in Canadian Waste Reduction Week. The event is held the third week of October every year. By highlighting the importance of waste reduction, this week aims to inform Canadians about the environmental and social impact of wasteful habits and promotes the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – as alternatives to the landfill. Waste Reduction Week challenges schools, organizations, businesses, local governments, and individuals to reduce their ecological footprint by cutting down on the amount of waste they generate.

What is Zero Waste? Is it really possible?

Zero Waste has immense potential. Employed correctly, it may very well be just as noteworthy as the introduction of the blue box itself. By implementing a few small changes in our behavior and our approach to the idea of waste and resource depletion generally, it will go a long way to helping our planet by not creating the waste in the first place.

I’m considering composting on my property. Do you have any suggestions?

The composting process requires:

  • Organic material
  • Moisture
  • Air
  • Soil organisms

You do not have to do much more than alternate layers of organic waste: green (high nitrogen) materials and brown (high carbon) materials. Thin layers of soil can be added if needed. This will increase the number of soil organisms in the pile. Keep moist and turn frequently to provide an adequate air supply.

Can you give some recycling instructions for agriculture plastics?

Here are a few steps residents can take to ensure their end product is more desirable for recycling markets.

  • Keep material as clean as possible by keeping manure and silage contamination to a minimum to make the bags more marketable
  • Use clear bags for twine
  • Machine roll grain bags and tie with twine

Bring materials to an Agricultural Roundup or County’s Waste & Recycling Centre on a regular basis to reduce weathering and contamination of bags.

Have other questions? Email or call the County Hall at 403.230.1401.