Tax Installment Payment Plan

The Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) provides property owners with the opportunity to make 12 consecutive monthly property tax payments as opposed to a single, annual payment, making it easier to budget and eliminating the risk of a late payment. Payments can only be made by automatic withdrawals from a bank account on the 1st of each month.

If a property owner is enrolled on the TIPP Program, the monthly installment payment is automatically adjusted to reflect any change in the current year’s tax levels. The Property Tax Notice will indicate the adjusted monthly payment amount.

Additionally, there are many benefits to the TIPP program:

  • No waiting in line to make payments
  • No missed deadlines
  • No concerns with regards to payments being lost in the mail
  • No tax penalties (as long as monthly payments are kept current)
  • No lump sum payments
  • No need to reapply each year, once you are enrolled

How to Enroll

For the Current Year

You can enroll anytime, but to have your enrollment apply to the current year:

  • You must enroll by June 15.
  • Pro-rated payment of this year's taxes must be made with your application. For example, if you enroll by June 15, you must pay six months of this year’s taxes up front. Monthly installments would then apply for the July to December payments.
  • You must have no balance owing (taxes or penalties) from previous years.

For Future Years

To enroll in the TIPP payment option for the future year:

  • The enrollment deadline is December 13
  • The current year's taxes must be paid in full by December 31
  • Your monthly payment for the future year’s taxes will begin January 1
  • Your monthly payment will be adjusted June 1 to take into account any change to the tax levy

How to Register

You will need to complete and submit a Tax Installment Payment Plan Application Form (PDF) and e-mail it or drop it off in person:

Updating Your TIPP Banking Information

To update the banking information for your pre-authorized TIPP payments, please use the following form:

You can deliver or mail your completed form to County Hall, fax it to 403-276-5372, or email it to

Selling a Property that is Registered in the TIPP Program

When selling a registered property, the Tax Account’s participation in the TIPP Program must be cancelled. Property owners must submit written notification of the cancellation at least two weeks in advance of the next payment withdrawal date. Please note: TIPP payments are non transferable or refundable.

Cancelling the TIPP Program

To stop participating in the TIPP program you can:

Please note: TIPP payments are not transferable or refundable.


Tax Department
T: 403.230.1401
F: 403.276.5372