Presenting to Council

The following information is a guide for participating in Public Hearings due to COVID-19.


Contributing Your Voice at Public Hearings

Rocky View County Council meetings are open to public participation. Residents and interested parties are welcome and encouraged to attend/observe the proceedings.

Some Council agenda items are Public Hearings. If you believe you are affected by a proposed bylaw or other public hearing item, you have the opportunity to be heard.

If you provide your input to a Public Hearing you are consenting to the public release and distribution of your written or verbal submission as part of the public record. Anonymous submissions are not accepted or considered.

Method of Input

Although County Hall remains open to the public, video conferencing of Council meetings and public hearings will recommence starting with the January 17, 2022 meeting, in accordance with the Meeting Procedures (Covid-19 Suppression) Regulation.

Members of the public will not be permitted into the Council Chambers to attend or participate in meetings and hearings until Council returns to in-person attendance.

Accepted methods of input include:

  1. a written submission; OR
  2. an audio or video recording; OR
  3. sending an email submission during the public hearing.

Please note that these methods of input will be subject to change when in person attendance is permitted.

Information on the dates, bylaw numbers, and public input submission deadlines for County public hearings can be found at

No matter how you submit, you should state whether you are FOR or AGAINST the matter.  You can be in favour of some parts and opposed to others, and you can discuss these specifics in your input.  But you should classify your overall input as FOR if you are mostly in favour, or AGAINST if you are mostly opposed.

Providing the same input in multiple ways does not increase your impact on the public hearing. The points you make are considered by Council, but extra consideration is not given to any one point simply because it is repeated in different formats. You should choose the method of providing input that is best for you, and gives you the best opportunity to state your case.

Submitting in Writing

All written submissions must be received by the deadline indicated on the public hearing notice in order to be included in the Council Meeting Agenda package ahead of the public hearing. Late submissions may be provided to Council at the public hearing, subject to a resolution of Council.

Written submissions must be provided in email, PDF, Microsoft Word, or physical copy format.

  • Email: Put your comments in an email and send it to Include the bylaw number of the public hearing in the subject line, and your name and your municipal address (or legal land description) in the body of the email.
  • PDF or Word: Attach your submission to an email and send it to Include the bylaw number of the public hearing in the subject line, and your name and your municipal address (or legal land description) in the body of the email.
  • Physical Copy: You must include the bylaw number of the public hearing, your name, and your municipal address (or legal land description) on the first page of your submission. Place your document in an envelope and write “PUBLIC HEARING SUBMISSION” clearly on the outside. Mail or courier your submission to:

    Legislative Services, Rocky View County Hall
    262075 Rocky View Point, Rocky View County, AB, T4A 0X2

    Your physical copy must be received by the submission deadline. If needed, there is an After Hours Drop Box (mail slot) at County Hall that you can use to deliver your submission. Please use only this drop box. When County Hall is closed staff or security guards cannot accept your submission in person.

Submitting an Audio or Video Presentation

Presentations are strictly limited to five minutes, whether you are presenting for yourself, your household, or on behalf of a group of three or more people.

Begin your presentation by clearly stating your name and the municipality you live in (such as Rocky View County, Calgary, Cochrane, etc.). Do not provide your phone number or other personal information on your recording.

If you are speaking on behalf of a group, you must state your name and municipality, and then the names and municipalities of two other people who have specifically given you authority to speak on their behalf. This counts against your time limit, so there is no need to give more than two additional names even if your group is larger, unless you believe it is important to do so. Do not provide phone numbers or other personal information on your recording.

When your presentation is complete, have the bylaw number of your public hearing ready and CLICK HERE to submit your file.

Note: Rocky View County cannot assist you in preparing or submitting your presentation. If you do not have the equipment or technical ability to record and upload your input, please provide your submission in writing.

Submitting an Email During the Public Hearing

Public hearings are streamed live. If you have not already submitted your input through one of the above methods, you can watch the hearing and submit an email with your input. Your email must arrive:

  • after the start of the Council Meeting during which the public hearing is scheduled; but
  • before the point in the public hearing where the Chair calls an end to input on the matter.

Send your email to Include the bylaw number of the public hearing in the subject line. In the body of the email, give your name and your municipal address or legal land description.

Email is not instantaneous. Be sure to allow several minutes for your submission to arrive, be virus checked, and delivered to the Legislative Services inbox before the Chair ends the input phase of the public hearing.

Council will be given time during the public hearing to read your email. Please be as clear and concise as possible.

Please remember, emailed submissions are not a “chat” or “question and answer” process. Your email must state your case for or against the public hearing matter.


Information on County public hearings can be found at

Rocky View County cannot assist you with your input.  However, if you have questions of clarification on anything outlined on this page, or on the public hearing process in general, please email us at or call us at 403-230-1401.