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The Public Participation Summary, which includes a summary of feedback received through the online survey, is now available.

Best practices research, demographic and spatial analyses, and public engagement have been completed in relation to this project, with further work still to come.

A Council Workshop was held May 19, 2020, to share the results of the online survey and confirm direction on next steps. The project team is currently working on creating three electoral boundary options with nine divisions. A Recommendations Report will be submitted to Council for information in June.

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Rocky View County is undertaking an analysis and review of the County’s electoral boundaries and elected official governance structure.

The County’s last major electoral boundary review was completed in 2000 and since then the County’s total population has increased by 43% (from 28,441 to 40,705). Currently, Rocky View County has nine divisions, four of which are either above or below the typically accepted standard. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) for more information.

In addition to reviewing the electoral boundaries, the County is reassessing its current governance structure to consider the option of a mayor elected by County residents during an election instead of an annually Council-appointed Reeve, which is a governance model the County adopted in 1955 and continues today.

Under the Alberta Municipal Government Act (sections 148 and 150), Council has the authority to make changes to its divisional boundaries and/or have an elected “chief elected official” (mayor) through the passing of a bylaw.


In July 2019, Council passed an Electoral Boundary Review Policy (PDF) that outlines the process and establishes criteria of how the boundaries are to be reviewed.

It is the County’s intention to have the electoral boundary and governance review completed by the fall of 2020. The Electoral Boundary and Governance Review Terms of Reference was adopted by Council on January 28, 2020 (Minutes | Video).

Project Timeline

  • Terms of Reference
    January 2020
    Project launches.
  • Background Research
    February to March 2020
    What we need to know and how to get there.
  • Public Engagement
    April 2020
    Online survey available to residents.
  • Options Review
    May to June 2020
    Potential options reviewed by Council.
  • Final Recommendation
    Fall 2020
    Final Electoral Boundary and Governance Review Report presented to Council.

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in the project.

  • Contact project lead Charlotte Satink at elections@rockyview.ca or 403-230-1401 for questions, updates or further information.
  • Follow the project on this webpage. We will post updates and additional information as necessary.

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Election Information

The next municipal election is on Monday, October 18, 2021.

In Rocky View County, each of the nine electoral divisions elects one Councillor. To be nominated as a candidate in an electoral division, the person must be a resident of the division for six consecutive months prior to nomination day.

The term of office is for four years. There is no limit on the number of times a Councillor can be re-elected.

After the general election, the nine Councillors elect from among themselves a Reeve and a Deputy Reeve at an Organizational Meeting held each October.