Responsible Pet Ownership

Rocky View County promotes responsible pet ownership through educating the public on animal related issues and enforcement of the County’s Animal Control Bylaw (PDF).

Residents are asked to do their part in ensuring their animals are healthy pets and companions.

  • license and provide permanent identification
  • spay or neuter pets
  • provide training, physical care, socialization, vaccinations, and medical attention
  • clean up after pets and remove pet waste from public areas
  • do not allow pets to become a threat or nuisance within the community

Enforcement Services promotes the health and safety of people, pets and animals living together in Rocky View communities by:

  • responding to public safety concerns involving an animal at large or one who may be jeopardizing the safety of the public
  • picking up stray domestic animals that are lost; returning them to their owners or dropping them off at the local humane society



Enforcement Services
T: 403.230.1401
F: 403.230.7091

An Enforcement Officer is available Sunday through Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Please call 403.230.1401

Call 911 for immediate emergency assistance such as fire, ambulance and police services.

Other Animals

The Livestock & Animals page provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding keeping pets, livestock or poultry on your property.

For information regarding wildlife, living with wildlife and damage control programs, visit

Report an Issue

Use the Report an Issue form to notify us about stray livestock, lost & found pets, unsightly premises, traffic-related concerns, or other issues related to bylaw enforcement.