The endorsement process occurs after a subdivision application has been conditionally approved by Council (the subdivision authority). The County issues a Transmittal of Decision detailing the conditions of approval, and the tentative plan which is a “map” of what is to be registered at Land Titles.

The process wherein the County reviews the conditions of approval and plans of survey is referred to the as the endorsement process because Administration’s role is to confirm, or endorse, that the conditions have been met in accordance with Council’s decision. The actual registration of subdivision occurs at Land Titles and this is where separate titles are produced for the newly created lots.

The Endorsement Process

The endorsement process is largely driven by the applicant, and the amount of time it takes depends on the applicant’s timing in meeting all of the County’s conditions of approval. From the date of Council’s decision, the applicant has one year to register the subdivision with Land Titles, although time extensions may be granted at the discretion of Council.

These are the steps in the endorsement process:

Step One: Council’s Decision is Provided to You in Writing

Council conditionally approves your subdivision application.

You will receive a Transmittal of Decision, which explains the conditions of approval, and a tentative map of what you will need to register with Alberta Land Titles. The map details all of the materials you need to provide to the County.

Step Two: You have a Plan of Survey Prepared

The Plan of Survey must be prepared by a professional Alberta land surveyor, and must match the tentative map that was included in your Transmittal of Decision package.

Step Three: You Submit a Complete Package to the County

You provide a complete package to County Planning Services which will include the Plan of Survey and all of the materials needed to meet the conditions of approval for your subdivision.

For details on what to include in your package, see Application Requirements below.

You can expect to receive confirmation that your package has been received within five business days. If you do not receive confirmation within this time, please follow up with the County.

Endorsement applications are managed by both a planner (primary contact) and an engineer (secondary contact) both parties should be involved in all submissions, communications and meetings.

Step Four: The County Reviews Your Package

County staff reviews your materials. Our goal is to:

  • Endorse a complete non-technical package in 14 to 21 days, though this varies depending on the completeness of the application, the volume of packages, and other considerations unique to each application, including the response rate of outside agencies.
  • Endorse a complete technical package in four to six weeks, though this can vary depending on the completeness of the application and the volume of packages, and other considerations unique to each application, such as the length of time it may take another agency to respond.

If your application is taking longer than these timeframes, please follow up with the County.

Step Five: The County Requests Information or Endorses Your Submission

If the County requires more information, or does not consider the conditions met, the County will contact you and you will need to provide the required information.

If the County approves your submission, and your conditions are met, the County will send you a Subdivision Approval Letter with supporting documentation.

Step Six: You Register at Alberta Land Titles Within One Year

Register your Subdivision Approval Letter and supporting documentation at Alberta Land Titles. Alberta Land Titles is where separate land titles are created for newly created lots. You have one year to register with Alberta Land Titles. However, the County may grant time extensions.

Please allow adequate time for the review of your endorsement package as well as time for registration at Land Titles when planning for registration.

Potential Costs

There are several costs that may be associated with your application, that are applied at the time of endorsement. The following is a sample of what types of costs could be applicable to your application:

  • Consultant fees associated with the preparation of technical documents
  • Transportation Offsite Levy (Bylaw C-7356-2014, PDF)
  • Endorsement Fees (See Planning & Development Fees, PDF)
  • Municipal Reserves via Cash-in-lieu (based on appraisal completed at subdivision stage)
  • Engineering Review Fee (See Planning & Development Fees, PDF)
  • 3rd Party Review Fees (See Planning & Development Fees, PDF)
  • Provincial approvals (i.e. Environment and Sustainable Resource Development)
  • Water Co-op Tie-in Fees
  • Securities as part of a Development Agreement
  • Construction Costs
  • Cost Recovery Agreements

Application Requirements

To expedite the evaluation, all materials submitted must be clear, legible, and precise. In order to provide you with the best customer service possible, staff has been instructed to accept only complete applications. Thank you for your co-operation.

Your endorsement submission must be provided in hard copy AND digital formats to the County office via mail, courier, or in person. Email submissions will not be accepted.

All of the following items are necessary to facilitate a thorough evaluation and timely decision on your application.

1. Cover Letter. Outlines each condition that needs to be met and how your submission meets that condition. In the event that documentation for a particular condition must be omitted we kindly request that as part of your cover letter you include a comment on each condition including the status, expected submission date and any other pertinent updates.

2. Legal Plan of Survey. Preferred maximum 11 x 17 drawing size AND both PDF and DWG formats provided on disc or USB.

Plan must:

  • be prepared by an Alberta land surveyor;
  • match the approved tentative plan;
  • include the application number and tax roll number in the title block; and
  • meet Alberta Land Titles Office standards.

3. Surveyor’s Affidavits. Copies are sufficient.

4. Landowner Consent Forms. Copies are sufficient.

5. Taxes

  • All taxes on the land proposed to be subdivided must be provided in full prior to endorsement.
    • If endorsing between June and December, Administration will confirm that the tax levy for the year of endorsement has been paid in full.
    • If endorsing between January and June, Administration will calculate the previous year’s tax levy plus a 5% increase to be paid in full prior to endorsement. The tax rate is not set by Council until June and as such a 5% increase is used to capture any tax increases Council may set. Any overpayments that may occur as a result of the tax rate increasing by less than 5% will be credited to the account.
  • Taxes cannot be paid via credit card.
  • Please note, if you are on the Tax Installment Payment Program (TIPP) you will need to cancel your participation in this plan. Visit TIPP for more information.

6. Technical Documents

  • All technical documents must be provided in digital format via USB and/or a compact disc (for large technical documents a hard copy is not required)
  • All technical documents should be stamped and signed and conform to the conditions required.
  • Each document should be titled to match the condition e.g. Phase 2 Groundwater
  • All technical documents must be in accordance with the County’s Servicing Standards (PDF)

7. Levies

8. Municipal Reserves via Cash-in-lieu

  • Cash-in-lieu is calculated by Administration based on the Plan of Survey.
  • For more information please see the Redesignation & Subdivision Guide (PDF) or or review section 664 and 666 of the Municipal Government Act.
  • Cash-in-lieu cannot be paid via credit card.

9. Securities. In accordance with the County Servicing Standards (PDF)

10. Endorsement Fees

  • Endorsement fees are calculated by Administration based on the Plan of Survey and the Planning & Development Fees Schedule (PDF)
  • At the time of subdivision application, an appeal deposit is collected. If, the subdivision approval conditions are not appealed, the appeal deposit is automatically applied to the endorsement fees. If the appeal deposit is greater than the endorsement fees owing, a refund will be applied.
  • Endorsement fees can be paid via cash, cheque, credit card or credit card authorization letter (see Common Forms, below).

Common Forms

Time Extensions

If you require additional time to complete your subdivision endorsement you may request a time extension by submitting a time extension application and fee.

We also require an explanation of why you need a time extension, as well as documentation showing the progress made towards completion of the conditions of subdivision. Please note that the longer a file is left without a valid extension, the less likely there is that the extension will be granted.


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