What is a Building Permit?

A Building Permit can be regarded as formal permission from Rocky View County to begin construction, demolition, addition or renovation to a property. Building Services staff must review the building plans to ensure that they comply with the Alberta Building Code, Alberta Fire Code and Safety Codes Act, the County’s Land Use Bylaw, and other applicable regulations.

Why are Permits Required?

The building permit process protects both the owner's interests and those of the community at large. It also helps to ensure that any structural change is safe. Failure to obtain proper permits before starting construction can result in costly delays, legal action and/or the removal of work already completed.

A foundation permit may be requested if all of the required items are included with your building permit application. The foundation permit allows for excavation and partial construction while your building permit application is under review. The fee for a foundation permit is determined by the current Master Rates Bylaw.

When You Need a Building Permit

  • Relocation, construction, demolition, alteration/renovation, and change of use of any building over 107 square feet (10 m2), including pre-fabricated buildings, temporary tents, and air-supported structures.
  • Deck construction where the deck is greater than 0.6 m (2 feet) from ground level at any point, or where the surrounding ground within 1.2 m (4 feet) of the deck has a severe slope. 
  • Fireplace, wood stove, and wood-burning insert installation. A building permit is not required to install a gas fireplace; however, a Gas Fireplace Permit (PDF) is required.
  • Swimming pool/hot tub installation

To confirm whether or not a project requires permits, contact Building Services by email at building@rockyview.ca.

Projects must meet the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw. If your project does not meet these requirements, you must apply for a development permit before you apply for a building permit.

Most commercial, industrial, institutional, and tenant bay projects require a development permit.

When a Permit is not Required

Building permits are not required for minor repairs and replacements that do not affect the structural integrity of a building. Some of the projects that do not require a building permit include:

  • Re-insulating or adding insulation
  • Window or door replacement providing the opening is not enlarged
  • Re-roofing, except where structural work is involved
  • Minor exterior repairs and siding
  • Subtrade Permits: Although your project may not require a building permit, permits for other disciplines may still be needed (e.g. gas, electrical, plumbing, private sewage or sewer connections). Some of the projects that do not require a subtrade permit include:
    • Furnace and hot water tank replacements, providing no design change is required to any gas piping or venting system
    • Repair or replacement of plumbing fixtures, providing no design change is required to the piping system

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