Available from May to October, participating Rocky View County communities or groups, can receive supplies, like bags and gloves. The County can also help communities with litter pick-up safety tips and advertising. 

Following the event, communities can bring full orange litter bags to a designated County transfer site for disposal at no cost. Alternatively, advanced arrangements can be made for the County to pick up and transport litter bags to a transfer site. 

Sign your community or group up, or need more information, please contact the Solid Waste and Recycling group at wasteandrecycling@rockyview.ca or call 403-230-1401. 

Here are guidelines for the items that are and are not accepted as part of this program: 

Items Accepted  

  • Litter from parks, streets, and ditches collected in the orange litter bags  
  • Items may include chip bags, candy wrappers, coffee cups, etc.  
  • Larger bulk items found in parks, streets, and ditches that will not fit in the orange litter bags  
  • Only the County staff member can dispose of the larger bulk items free of charge at the transfer site  
  • Bulk items may include pieces of wood, scrap metal, etc.  

Items NOT Accepted  

  • Litter NOT collected in the orange litter bags  
  • Litter collected in the orange litter bags that are NOT brought to the designated transfer site or collection point on the day of the event  
  • Household garbage  
  • Please do not use the orange litter bags for garbage generated on personal property  
  • Large bulk items from personal property  


Solid Waste & Recycling

Farm Cleanup Assistance
4-H Foundation of Alberta

How can I get rid of...?

Tires? Pesticides? Old TVs? Paint? Metal barrels? Plywood?—Check out the Garbage Materials page for a comprehensive listing of where in the County you can dispose of unwanted items.

Servicing Strategy

For the long-term benefit of our environment, communities, and residents, the following guiding documents have been developed: