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On October 10, 2017, Rocky View County Council voted unanimously that Route #2 be identified as the preferred emergency access route for West Bragg Creek, and Administration was directed to continue working with Alberta Transportation and Tsuut’ina Nation on the project including finalizing the planning study and developing a funding strategy.

Tetra Tech has completed work on the study and the final report is available for viewing.

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Items presented during an open house September 20, 2017 are available below, including a map of all of the routes that were considered and evaluated, as well as a map of the technically preferred route option (Route #2). This route option ranked the highest in the overall benefit/cost analysis performed.

You can view materials from earlier events below:


Currently the only access to West Bragg Creek is by crossing the Elbow River at the Balsam Avenue Bridge. During times of catastrophic events such as extreme flooding or a forest fire, the crossing may be cut off, isolating the area of West Bragg Creek with no emergency access route.

The County retained Tetra Tech EBA Inc. to conduct the initial planning for an emergency access route for the West Bragg Creek area. The purpose of this study is to determine the possibility of an emergency access route that will serve first responders and residents to access and evacuate the community during an emergency event, such as flooding or wildfires.


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