Emergency Notifications

Staying Informed

It’s important to stay informed during an emergency. Ensure that you’ll receive information you need when you need it by:

Monitor for updates and follow the instructions you receive from official sources (Safe & Sound, emergency officials, etc.) Be sure to share emergency information that you receive with all members of your household and your neighbours, and that the information you share is credible (received through Safe & Sound or Alberta Emergency Alert, or confirmed from Rocky View County’s webpage and social media accounts).

Rocky View County will issue three kinds of notices.


Evacuation Alert

An Evacuation Alert tells people to prepare for an evacuation. Each house is provided green flagging tape. If you choose to evacuate before an Evacuation Order, attach the green flagging tape to your door.

Evacuation Order

An Evacuation Order tells people to evacuate immediately. This may happen in circumstances where there is little or no time to notify or following an Evacuation Alert.

Shelter In Place

There are situations when it is safer for people to stay in the home or building where they are during a sudden emergency. These include snowstorms, wild animal danger, toxic hazard, or nearby human violence.

Weather Related Notifications 

Rocky View County is not responsible for issuing weather relating notifications. However, it is important to know the different types. 

  • Special Weather Statements are the least urgent type of alert. These are issued to let you know conditions are unusual and could cause concern. They provide a heads up of what weather may be coming. 
  • Advisories are issued for specific weather events (like summer storms blowing snow, fog) that are less severe, but could still significanly affect you. 
  • Watches alert you about weather conditions where there is potential for a significant storm or severe weather to occur. As certainty increases about the path and strength of a storm system, a Watch could be upgraded to a Warning. 
  • Warnings are urgent messages that severe weather is either occurring or will occur. These alerts are updated regularly so that you can stay informed and take appropriate action. 


Call 9-1-1 for immediate emergency assistance such as fire, ambulance and police services.

For non-emergency inquiries contact Rocky View County at 403-230-1401.