The County is comprised of close to 1 million acres of various topographical landscape and has a few major tributaries such as the Bow River, Elbow River and Nose Creek. However, at times, water needs assistance reaching these tributaries. To help mitigate smaller drainage concerns throughout the County, Council continues to contribute funding to develop strategies and remediation of the concerns on a regular basis. Drainage concerns are localized and are ranked based on feasibility, complexity, environmental impact, and overall benefits to the County and residents The County strives to ensure the residents concern is heard and no immediate water damage to infrastructure is present.

Project Timeline

Municipal drainage infrastructure is essential to managing the impact of water run-off resulting from melting snow or rainfall. These projects can be piped systems, ditches, canals, channels, and roadway conveyance systems. These systems alleviate localized flooding, changes to the drainage areas due to development or construction and introduce barriers to flow to control flood reservoirs. Stormwater management is critical to prevent floods and to improve water quality as polluted runoff from pavement enters water bodies in the environment.

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