Cooperative Stormwater Management Initiative (CSMI)


Rocky View County is a participating member of the CSMI initiative. The CSMI is a regional stormwater system that will facilitate new growth and municipal development while maintaining high quality irrigation water in the western irrigation district. CSMI is needed to address existing and future stormwater challenges in the CSMI area. The CSMI area is a large area of land bordering Rocky View County, City of Calgary and Strathmore with limited natural drainage courses to effectively transfer urban and rural run-offs. The CSMI system will reduce flooding by collecting, storing and moving stormwater more effectively and govern the amount, quality, and timing of water that each municipality contributes to the system. This will ensure that as the water moves through the various components of the system efficiently. More information and resources about CSMI at CSMI – Stormwater resources.

Latest News

For latest news about the CSMI project please visit CSMI – News and Information.


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