Spring run-off and severe storms are causing drainage and localized flooding concerns within the Hamlet of Dalroy and surrounding local area. Rocky View County has engaged concerned residents and is working towards capturing local surface runoff from within the natural drainage area and diverting it along a path of lesser impact and greater capacity. The scope of this project involves the upgrade and construction of roadside ditching and installation or replacement of existing culverts east from Highway 9 along Township Road 252, crossing and heading north along Range Road 271 and finally diverting into the natural drainage course of Serviceberry Creek. Overall, this includes the grading of approximately 4,300 linear meters of ditch. Rocky View County has engaged ISL Engineering and Land Services for engineering and design services and is working towards project approval with Alberta Environment and Parks.

Project Timeline

  • Phase 1
    Mid 2022
    Preliminary & Detail Design
  • Phase 2
    Early 2023
    Land Acquisition
  • Phase 3
    Fall 2023 - End of 2024

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Stephanie Collinson, Project Manager, via email at capitalprojects@rockyview.ca or by phone 403- 230-1401.


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