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Trees & Shrubs in Southern Alberta

Southern Alberta is known for endless prairie landscapes with natural cottonwood and some willows. Closer to the mountains and foothills there are plenty of white spruce, pines, aspen, balsam poplar and in some places Douglas fir. Most of the trees you see around yards, fields, streets, parks, and RV campgrounds were planted in the last 120 years. Some natural regenerated bluffs of aspen, spruce and pine occur in areas that are sheltered or protected in the coulees or north slope exposures.

Southern Alberta’s climate presents unique challenges for gardeners and landscapers, particularly due to its arid conditions and limited water availability. However, with careful planning and the selection of drought-tolerant plants, it’s possible to create beautiful and sustainable landscapes that thrive even in times of water scarcity.

A list of tree species suitable for Southern Alberta and an overview of key factors that affect plantings can be found here. Site assessment prior to planting is very important and tips on things to consider prior to a planting project can be found here.

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