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Trap Rental Program Available to Rocky View County Residents

Did you know Rocky View County has a trap rental program through Agricultural and Environmental Services?

Several different types of traps are available to residents for a two-week period to safely trap and remove unwanted animal pests on your county property. All traps are live capture, and it is up to the landowner to humanely dispose of the animals that are trapped.

Traps available include: skunk, raccoon, squirrel, magpie and pigeon.

The County Office is open Monday to Friday for trap pickup however we recommend calling Agricultural and Environmental Services prior to ensure there is a trap available.

Coyote, fox, wolf, porcupine, and weasel are all species which require an Alberta Trapping License and therefore cannot legally be trapped by landowners. For control of these species please reach out to a local trapper or pest control company.

More information on these various pest species can be found below.

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