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Documentary Film Screening at Olds College: "Farms of the Future: The Evolution of Agriculture"

In 2023 Tyler Duffy, a filmmaker, director, and actor based in Central Alberta, directed and produced a documentary film called "Farms of the Future: The Evolution of Agriculture." The film was shot on various dates between May 2023 and October 2023, to capture the full farming season from seeding to harvest, as well as capture all the interviews needed to create the narrative arc of the story. The cast and crew of this film are all Central Alberta residents and it is truly a homegrown film that is destined for the global film market and projected by film analysts to do extremely well in the 2024 film festival season. The cast of the film is made up of the globally renowned, leading edge, Agriculture Academic Research staff at the Olds College, and 5th generation farmers in the area who have lived through the changes of the last 100 years to tell you the story from their perspective. The entire film was filmed within a 100-mile radius of Olds, and it tells the story of the evolution of agriculture in this area over the last 100 years, with an acute focus on the time period after the internet entered general use in 1993 until now, to tell the story of how technology and agriculture have been integrating and evolving together with amazingly beneficial results, for 30 years.

Olds College will be hosting the Worldwide Premiere of this film on April 11, 2024, with 2 showings, one at 5:00 PM and one at 7:30 PM in the Olds College Alumni Centre.

Tickets are available here.

The trailer of the film can be viewed here.

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