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Now Accepting Applications for 2024 ALUS Funding

Rocky View County is currently accepting project applications for the Alternate Land Use Services (ALUS) program. These projects provide ecological goods and services such as cleaner water and air, flood control and water retention, carbon sequestration, increased biodiversity including wildlife and pollinator habitat, and more. Farmers and ranchers whose projects are approved for this program will receive cost-share funding to establish their projects as well as an annual per-acre payment for the management and maintenance of the projects on their land.

ALUS targets areas that are marginally productive, are inefficient to farm, or are environmentally sensitive. Areas such as steeply sloped crop land, low wet field areas, saline areas along watercourses, and odd areas that are difficult to farm with today’s larger equipment are some examples of where ALUS projects may be established.

A wide variety of projects are considered for funding by the ALUS Rocky View Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC) as long as an ecosystem service is provided. Some examples of these projects include: restoration or protection of wetlands, riparian fencing and offsite watering, native prairie restoration, drainage ditch rehabilitation, pollinator hedge creation, wildlife habitat establishment including species at risk habitat enhancement, and eco-buffer establishment.

Applications will be reviewed by the PAC and those selected will be implemented in 2024. Early application is always encouraged as projects are approved continually throughout the year based on funding availability.

If you have any questions regarding the program or have a project idea in mind you would like to discuss, please contact ALUS Rocky View Program Coordinator, Matthew Chilakos, at or 403-520-1190.

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